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Early morning in the blindEarly morning in the blindGet my free Darkroom & Fine Art Newsletter and never miss another article again. There are a lot of ways that you could spend your time, but I can think of very few things that are more fun and exciting than wildlife photography. 

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A lot of research has confirmed that although we live in modern structures, we still aspire to get outside and experience nature because it is wired in our DNA.  It is why we feel refreshed after a hike in the woods or watching a sunset.  

It is the uncertainty, helplessness, and powerlessness that makes wildlife photography so fun and addictive.  There is no way to control mother nature or the actions and behaviors of wild animals.  When that special moment comes and we are connected to nature, feelings of awe and joy are undeniable.  

In modern times where we are overwhelmed with technology in just about every area of life, wildlife photography and nature provide us with an experience that is true, unmanipulated, and refreshing.  

Getting to the point where you can consistently create high-quality wildlife photos is a major investment of time, money, and sheer dedication.  It isn't something that one can master in a short amount of time or force to happen, you have to earn it.  

Black Bear Cub - Platinum/Palladium Fine PrintBlack Bear Cub - Platinum/Palladium Fine PrintTitle: Black Bear Cub, Great Smoky Mountains
Limited Edition: Yes, edition of 10
Print Info: Platinum/Palladium Hand Coated Fine Print
Paper Info: Hahnemühle Platinum Rag, 11" x 15"
Image Area: 8" x 10" printed on 11" x 15" media
Price: 1/10 $899 USD

I donate 20% of my art sale profits to non-profit organizations that have a proven track record of helping make our world a better place. After your purchase, I will email you asking you to select an organization for the donation.

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Wildlife photographers need be prepared and able to take advantage of that special moment when it comes because you may not ever get the opportunity again.  Even if you are able to capture sharp and compelling images in the field, you need to know some very specific post-processing techniques in order to create images that you will be proud of.  

There is something unique that connects us humans to animals and when I get the rare opportunity to experience and photograph those special moments, I know I have done something good.  

After you work your way through the maze of gear and technical hurdles in the field, it comes down to your personal vision and creative spirit, along with your ability to successfully edit your photos in post-production.  

You are going to need very specific Lightroom and/or Photoshop skills in order to bring your wildlife photography to life. I went through this same phase and I pushed through for a couple years until I got my post-production skills in order.  Once you master these skills, your old RAW files will get a new life because you will have some new skills that will help unlock the full potential of your old photos.   

If you want great wildlife photos, you have to earn them.

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What motivates you in regards to your wildlife photography?  You need to have a reason to be a wildlife photographer, a passion that drives you to get better.  You don't have to be a working professional to create great wildlife photographs and to enjoy the wonders of nature.  I look forward to connecting with you and sharing our passion for wildlife photography.  

-Tim Layton