Part of my off the grid life includes planting and growing trees for my land and to sell to people that need trees.

The fall season is the best time to plant and replant trees in my opinion. The root is able to take hold and after the winter season, they are ready to grow in the new spring weather.

I am tracking all of the trees that I plant and replant on my land on this page so that you can follow along on the journey with me. Each tree has an reference ID number, photos, and some key information about the species.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Paulownia Tree

Paulownia Tree

Dogwood-1 Tree

Dogwood-2 Tree

Dogwood-3 Tree

Dogwood-4 Tree

Dogwood-5 Tree

Pin oak-1 Tree

Pin oak-2 Tree

Pin oak-3 Tree

Pin oak-4 Tree

Pin oak-5 Tree