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"The size of your prints is amazing, and could possibly be your unique selling point. But it’s the minute detail and tonal range you capture that give your images their aesthetic qualities. Every one I have seen and have blown me away to the point I pause the video to look at them more closely.  It never ceases to amaze me how you create images that look so simple, and yet many of us watching that doesn’t mean easy. I can only dream of capturing anything 1/10th as beautiful as you do." -Mark Harris

"My experience with darkroom goes back to late 90's. I needed a refresher since I have not been in a darkroom in 10 years. Tim's Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography Video Workshop is easy to follow, very detailed and very affordable. With this workshop, you will see that getting your hands wet in a photographic darkroom is not something to be scared off as Tim shows/explains in very plain language. Knowing something is one thing, teaching that is another. Not everyone can teach what they know. If you are considering learning darkroom or need a very good refresher I highly doubt you will find anything better. I am certain you will not find it at this price." -Gokhan Cukurova, Illinois

"I just wanted to let you know I thought your course on B&W Floral Still Life was outstanding.  I really got a lot out of it and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it.  I don't have a darkroom so I developed the film in Caffenol then scanned it to my computer on an Epson 11000 flatbed scanner and post processed in LR CC.  Thanks again for a very informative course.
-Steve Schanzer

"I wanted to say how informative I found your videos on vellum printing.  For years I’ve wanted to see a demonstration of printing an 8x10 picture on Canson.  Your videos were clear, concise, comprehensive and a pleasure to watch.  I’ve been working in PD/Pd for years.  Now in addition to my small prints on Canson and Bienfang 360, I plan to tackle larger prints using your videos." - Betsy Crowell, John Davidson Gallery 

"I purchased Tim Layton's video workshop on large format photo paper negatives and I really like the way he built it step-by-step to build up an understanding and confidence how to do it on your own. I couldn’t have done this without the great instructions in your training course. Great stuff!" - Ingemar Ljungdahl

"I have been a bit wary of video workshops, but having watched Tim's YouTube channel I decided to take the plunge. I'm glad I did. I have been looking at getting back into the darkroom (or bathroom) recently and so decided to buy the Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography video workshop to refresh my memory. I watched all the videos back to back. Brilliant. It felt like a one-on-one class, no jostling with ten other students for the tutor's attention. I did a couple of photography courses a few years ago and both had darkroom modules. Neither course was as beneficial as this workshop and for a fraction of the price.

I found all the videos to be useful, even if you are proficient in an area the workshop covers, being walked through it and seeing it from another point of view is very helpful. Explaining that you print for highlights and adjust the shadows with the contrast filters and the printed examples of this technique was a personal highlight. I thought including videos of the camera, negative and exposure made it more than just a darkroom workshop. It was a condensed and simplified version of the Adams trilogy on film (or digital video).

If you have been put off the Ansel Adams series or other books on this subject then this course should give you the basics and the confidence to tackle those books and experiment with more advanced techniques. And the printouts that are made available are excellent additions. Looking forward to growing some flowers now! And will definitely consider buying another workshop in the future. Recommended." -Jon Ford, UK

"Congratulations on your accomplishment!  You, the other authors, and team members now have something to celebrate.  I'm flying from Vermont to Seattle soon, so "Vol 1, No 1" is on the top of my reading list on my iPad - I'm forcing myself to wait..." -Phil Gingrow

"I just finished Intro to B+W Darkroom Workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of experience level. Photography like music or any other art form requires practice. Tim’s workshops will help get the technical details out of the way so making art becomes your primary focus. Already signed up for the Floral Still Life class and plan to take both the Split Grade Printing and the Advanced Printing classes." -Pete Moraitis, Kansas City  

"The Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography class has a wealth of information regarding the camera, film, exposure, chemicals and of course darkroom procedures. This class is well worth the money and you won't be disappointed. I am now looking forward to the quarterly Darkroom Underground Magazine.  Thank you, Tim, for all the information and answering any questions I had regarding the course.” -Gary Brewer, USA

"The Paper Negative video course that Tim has developed is well thought out, detailed (in its information content), as well as entertaining. Tim has thought of every conceivable approach in taking you step by step through the process assuming you know nothing of how to work in the darkroom. The neat part of this workshop is that you can view it as many times as need be, so that each and every action becomes natural in which you can ultimately see the results of your own personal visualizations.  When it comes right down to it, this course is money well spent that will yield great returns when you dedicate the time to follow the process. Well done, Tim.” -Andrew Weis

"The large format photographic community is very friendly and supportive. There is a lot of camaraderie as we share a passion for a true craft. Each of us has his/her talents and abilities that we are able to share, making everyone better and growing the longevity of film photography for everyone involved. Tim and I have shared a mutual respect and have commiserated about life as full-time film photographers for several years now. I have to say that Tim’s commitment to film photography is impressive. It is his passion and lifestyle, not merely a job or hobby. I am most impressed with the breadth of Tim’s knowledge and his ability (and willingness) to share what he knows. As I am a right-brained artist, Tim’s teachings are enabling me to move into creative directions that I was previously unable to make happen. As Tim has done with so many other photographers, he is sharing his wealth of knowledge to enable other photographers, of all ability levels, to make their art happen. As a professional photographer, I continually look forward to seeing each new video workshop Tim introduces. He is an invaluable part of the film photography community." -Jon Paul, Owner / Photographer - Jon Paul Gallery, Lake Tahoe Photo Workshops 

“Contact prints from 8x10 are about as good as it gets I think, Tim Layton is a master when it comes to platinum prints and he has a wealth of information and experience with them.  I doubt you could get better prints than platinum contact prints.” -Mark Tate

“I love my artwork from Tim because they are all beautiful and graceful fine art. Aesthetically, they are a pleasure to behold. But for me, so much more of what I enjoy is the experience and the journey that Tim shares.  And the uplifting message that comes through so clearly.  It’s as if I am transported there with him to feel and to be part of the natural beauty he captures.  Tim's artwork makes the noise of the modern world be quiet. I am grateful for the positive and uplifting impact that Tim’s art has on me and all of my friends and family.” -Sally D., Michigan 

"Wow! Wonderful effort. What a great collection of articles and contributors. I think you’ve made it difficult to top yourself next time." -Donald Stark 

"Tim, Congratulations!. Although my standards are quite high. I must say that you have exceeded them with your first edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine."  -Jim Boice

The Intro to Darkroom Photography was a VERY INTENSE AND DETAILED WORKSHOP! Thank you! (used capital letters on purpose) :) -Susan B., Illinois

“Tim's large format quick reference cards are an invaluable resource for people still learning large format photography. By making them concise and portable, you can easily reference them in the field in order to master what you're seeing on your ground glass. Highly recommended!” - Mark Olwick

“I purchased the DIY UV printer for Alternative Photographers from Tim Layton's website and watched immediately almost the entire thing without stopping.  The material was presented in a very easy to follow, step by step format that worked well for me.  All the chapters were labeled nicely so when I choose to go and do the actual build it will be easy for me to find any section and jump back and forth to the desired portion.  The materials need to build the printer are easily found and Tim even gives tips on how to turn household items into helpful options.  I would totally recommend purchasing this course and can’t wait for the next one to come out.” -Anicia B. 

“I fell in love with your photography the first moment I saw one of your incredible photographs. You have a God-given ability to capture a scene in such a way that one can actually imagine themselves there in that moment. Your photos seem to be alive to the point that one can feel the rush of the water, smell the scents of the lovely flowers, breathe in the joy of such a wonderfully, beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your special talent Tim.” -Nancy, Alabama 

“You are an amazing artist and I love everything you create!! Keep sharing with us, please! Thanks Tim!! -Karen, Oregon

"Congratulations on an excellent first issue of Darkroom Underground Magazine Tim - all 82 pages of it.  I am very pleased to have been part of it. It addresses a wide range of interests aimed at different levels and I thoroughly enjoyed it." -Tim Rudman, UK 

"I’ve had the good fortune of learning large format (LF) photography and darkroom techniques from Tim over the last two years. Tim has a wealth of knowledge on these topics and has saved me countless hours by sharing his experiences with me. Tim has the ability to take very complex topics and break them down into simple processes. He is a clear, concise communicator and is patient and always willing to help. 

With Tim’s guidance and mentoring a beginning large format photographer like myself can get up to speed quickly. As I advanced, Tim offered new materials, techniques and considerations that were instrumental in my artistic developed. Tim is humble and genuinely loves to see other photographic artists develop and grow. I could not be happier with the support, training and mentoring Tim has provided me over the years. Choosing to study with Tim was the best decision I made in my development as a large format black and white fine art photographer." - Frank D. Seattle, WA

“I very much admire and appreciate Tim's artwork! I find his art to be extremely insightful and perfectly captured from an awesome perspective! So peaceful and calming.” - Linda, USA

“Your artwork is amazing! I get to travel through your photographs. They show so beautifully God's creation.” -Dovie, Arkansas

“Hi Tim, I just read your new Split Grade Printing eBook. It’s fantastic! As a professional photographer specializing in producing gallery prints from my large format film, I’m extremely picky about every print I sign and number. As I am moving into producing more black and white traditional contact prints, I have a lot to learn in order to fine tune my prints and make them something special. The Split Grade Printing ebook is simple, straightforward and easy to use immediately. I look forward to taking my printing to the next level right away. I highly recommend this eBook to photographers at any level." -Jon Paul, Lake Tahoe, CA. 

“I love your artwork, in particular, your photographs of Colorado are very special!” - Beverly, Massachusetts

"Received the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  Outstanding!  The articles and images are really beautifully done.  I can appreciate the effort you put into making it so beautiful. Thanks.  Looking forward to future editions." -Frank Baudino

"I recently purchased Tim Layton's paper negative course. The course covered the subject very well, and it was a pleasure to follow. A PDF of all the salient information is accompanied by about 20 video lectures ranging from a few minutes to approximately half an hour in length. The course mixes theory with video of hands-on demonstrations of a whole workflow ranging all the way from the preparation of paper negatives and initial picture taking on large format cameras to contact printing and tips for digitizing the result for photographers that use a hybrid workflow. 

All in all, I found the course very useful. There is a lot of information available out there in bits and pieces, but this course is valuable in that it 1.) compiles the information in a useful package, 2.) it contains things have not seen discussed anywhere else such as a technique for enlarging paper negatives, 3.) it visually demonstrates techniques in a way that takes all guesswork out of the equation. I was particularly excited by Tim's coverage of advanced contact printing techniques to fine tune the final positive image. 

After reviewing the course, I was able to shoot my own paper negatives, develop them, and contact print them the same weekend. I recommend this course for any photographer that is interested in paper negatives, that has access to a large format camera or a pinhole camera, and that has rudimentary darkroom skills." -P.B., Oregon

"Hi Tim, I just subscribed to the Darkroom Underground and it is really helpful already (read the article about how to test film with a step wedge and figured out where I always failed miserably) This magazine is a Godsend for photographers. I mean it. This will improve how I photograph.” -Marc Lemaire

Tim, it's nice of you to share your artwork. I'm not able to get out like I use to so I see the world through your eyes. It's great to see your son helping and wanting to learn the trade. Good luck to both of you in our adventures.” -Robert, USA

“I love your photos, and I always look forward to your next piece of art. I've been many places through your artwork, and I have seen many things I would never have been able to see in person. Thanks for sharing, you always make my day.” -Barbara, Missouri 

"I Love Tim's Artwork" - Phyllis, California

“Tim is masterful at taking his 30+ years of photography experience and boiling it down into concise, understandable and actionable information that everyone can use, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer. His quick reference material allows me to focus on the creative while knowing the technical side of large format photography has been handled. His QR cards are like having a master photographer with you on your large format outings!” - Jason, St. Louis

Tim, you totally embody the phrase "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life!” - Linda, USA

I've loved your artwork for quite a while now, and I appreciate your sharing your time and beauty with the world!

-Christina, North Carolina

“Your photographs are inspiring....your love of the beauty of nature is an inspiration to me.” -Randi, Florida

“I love your photography, and I look forward to you updating your galleries.  I've been many places through your artwork and I have seen many thing's I would never be able to see in person. Thanks for sharing your artwork and it makes my day.” -Barbara, Missouri  

“Tim's artwork is absolutely beautiful. He makes you feel like you are there with him.” -Deborah, Florida

Tim’s art is amazing! It's very relaxing and he takes you on a journey to places that you may otherwise not be able to see in person.” -Mona, Utah

“Every one of Tim’s photographs makes one feel as if they were there or wish they were there.” -Judi, California 

I really enjoy your scenic photographs, in particular, you are a special talent, please continue your wonderful art!”

-Barbara, New Jersey

“Tim’s Large Format Quick Reference Cards give a nice, comprehensive overview of how to use a large format camera, and how to use a light meter to select the correct exposure and development for the film. In a world where many people have grown up with “totally automatic everything,” it might initially seem intimidating to have a process that is completely under the control of the photographer. However, it is also very empowering to be able to take control of your creative process, and Tim’s Reference Cards go a long way to help people feel more comfortable with this freedom.” - Paul Wainwright

“I admire your creative eye for your art, please keep creating your artwork.” -Dora, Texas

“Tim, you are a wonderful artist. I love your beautiful photographs from Colorado.  I used to live in Greeley for 30 years, and the Rockies where my Favorite place to visit.” - Gisela, Colorado

“Awesome photographs! I love it when you share something new, it makes my day a little better.” - Karen, Florida 

“I love your art, it as if looking into the future, into dreams and mysterious places, absolutely love it.” - Brenda, Pennsylvania

“Your photographs are so real, I feel like I'm at the scene with you. - Dee, Arkansas

“Tim, I enjoy the way you work to not only show the scene but how you let us live in it as well!” - Josh, Illinois

“Tim, you transport us to places of contentment and serenity through your magnificent pictures. Thank you so much for allowing us to see nature through your eyes! America the beautiful! - Karen, Minnesota 

“I absolutely love, love, love your website, Tim. Nice work putting all that together; very informative tour into the background of your breathtaking art photographs. I have such enormous respect for people like yourself who have the confidence to help others out by guiding them in the ways they create the art they're making .. sharing knowledge about equipment and materials, etc; such a giving, confident transparency of what you do is a very attractive quality for an artist and I take my hat off to you. I agree with you about this approach, and I feel it will serve you well as people (and the art-appreciating world) will give back to you. What an interesting way you've combined your love of photography with the lifestyle you're leading. Making an 'art-form' out of our lives is a big part of the fun of it all, isn't it !? Good for you.” - Marcus, Vancouver Island, CA