Tim Layton Fine Art | My Style

My heart and my soul have been in the darkroom creating hand-made artwork with raw materials since the first day I started in 1979. 

I purposely do not use computers in the creation of my artwork because I want to keep the artisan experience alive through every part of my process down to cutting the mat boards and custom building frames from reclaimed wood.  We seem to be the world that no longer makes anything, and I want to bring back the hands on artisan approach to photography.   

The general theme of my artwork could be described as ethereal, uplifting, and a message based on hope.  

Each of my core genres, flowers, trees, and landscapes represent a platform for different types of messages. 

My floral artwork represents matters that is close to the heart, intimate, and uplifting.  I suspect that flowers were one of the first non-utilitarian gifts that humanity discovered and appreciated as people evolved.  It is impossible not to enjoy flowers.   

My trees represent humanity, our relationships, and the complexity of the modern world.  

My landscape artwork represents messages of hope and humility.  

I study and photograph select landscapes and natural subjects that are important to human life long term.  I photograph these subjects with large format view cameras and make handmade pure platinum prints.  I create platinum prints because they are the most archival of any type of photographic media and they have the added bonus of having an incredible tonal scale and aesthetic that is unmatched by any other type of photographic medium.