Tim Layton Fine Art | Spring Blooms Collection 2018


In this limited edition 2018 Spring Blooms Collection, Tim Layton used black and white film to photograph spring flowers in their natural environment to create ten artist original silver gelatin fine art prints that communicate positive human emotions (compassion, acceptance, happiness, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, love, pride, sympathy)

This collection is a special limited edition of 100 silver gelatin black and white gallery prints. Your fine art print is signed, dated, and titled by Tim Layton and you receive a certificate of authenticity with each piece of art. 

Your print is selenium toned by hand in the darkroom for maximum archival permanence to the latest museum standards to ensure your print will last for generations.  

In the modern and technology-centric chaotic world, Tim Layton's Spring Blooms Collection is a visual oasis that allows you to take a deep breath and slow down for a moment.  

Visit the Spring Blooms Gallery now to view these exquisite original prints.  Each print is hand made by Tim in the darkroom with a level of quality that is rare and unexpected in the world today.  


All of the spring flowers in this collection were photographed with black and white film and each print was created in the traditional darkroom one at a time by hand by Tim Layton.  

Each of the limited edition silver gelatin prints in this collection are selenium toned for maximum archival permanence to ensure your artwork will last for generations.  Tim Layton signs and numbers each print and a certificate of authenticity is included for you.  

Tim includes a short personal essay for you to read and enjoy that includes the story of how he decided on the emotion for your new piece of artwork.  

Every flower in this collection was photographed undisturbed in its natural environment making each print a unique moment in time that can never be duplicated again.  

If you have any questions or need special assistance, please use the contact form to send your message and someone will promptly get in contact with you.