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I am highly active with my friends, audience, and supporters on social media.  I am humbled by the kindness, support, and encouragement that I receive from people all around the world.  Social media has forever changed communications, relationships, and humanity in my opinion.  We always knew there was a big world, we just didn’t have the ability to reach every corner of the planet with the click of a button.

Facebook - Darkroom Underground

I spend the vast majority of my social media time interacting with darkroom photographers from around the world on my Public Darkroom Underground Facebook Group.  It is the group associated with The Darkroom Underground Magazine.  The publication is dedicated to all things analog photography, both technical and creative.  Join us today and share your passion for film and darkroom photography.  

Facebook – Tim Layton Nature Photography - Join 186,000 People

I am a nature photographer at my core and I love to hike, explore, and experience nature so that I can share and hopefully inspire others to connect with and value our quickly fading natural resources.  Join over 186,000 other people from all around the world and share in your passion and support for nature. I share my outdoor adventures with you and hopefully inspire people to get outside and enjoy nature.  I hope to see you on here soon.

Facebook – Tim Layton Fine Art Page - Join 158,000 Photographers From Around the World

On this page, I share my passion for the traditional darkroom and large format photography.  Over 158,000 photographers support me here and if you are into film, black and white printing, large format, and other darkroom processes, then you are in the right place.

Twitter - Darkroom & Nature Photography

On my Twitter feed, I share my passion for darkroom and large format photography with everyone as well as my deep appreciation and love for nature.  I do all this in 140 characters or less for every tweet! 


I host a variety of Facebook groups for classic analog darkroom photographers.  I enjoy meeting photographers from all around the world and sharing our passion.  Join me in one of the groups today. 

Large Format Contact Printing & In-Camera Positive Group

Large Format Darkroom Photography Group

Black & White Fine Art Photography Group

Darkroom Enlargements Group

Silver Gelatin Emulsion Makers Group

ACEO Darkroom Artist Cards Group