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  • Do You Want To Create Beautiful Images of The Smokies & Improve Your Nature, Landscape, and Wildlife Photography in a Fun & Exciting Way?
  • Are You Looking for an Accurate and Reliable Smokies Insider Guide For Your Next Trip to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park?


  • Maximize Your Time in the Smokies and Get Tim's Unique Insider Tips on How To Create Beautiful Great Smoky Mountain Images That You'll Enjoy for Many Years in the Future.
  • Tim Takes You on a Unique Photographic Journey in His Smokies Insider Video-Based Photography Workshops. Your Adventure Begins With Tim on Location in the Smokies.  Tim Systematically Walks You Through Every Scene and Breaks it Down as You Construct The Final Image.  After The Field Work, Tim Walks You Through His Step-by-Step Editing Process in Lightroom and/or Photoshop.  You Can Edit Right Along Side Tim Because The RAW Files Are Included For You.  You Also Receive Tim's Detailed Field Notes For Each Location In Case You Want To Visit The Location in Person.
  • Never Worry About Getting Lost Because of the Limited or Non-Existent Mobile Phone Service in the Park.  You Can Download Tim's Smokies Insider Guides To Your Electronic Devices, and You Can Print Them Too!

Overlook in Great Smoky MountainsOverlook in Great Smoky Mountains


Newfound Gap Smokies Insider Guide - Tim created this detailed 30-page insider guide in PDF format detailing 11 prime locations for you to enjoy along the 33-mile iconic Newfound Gap Road going between Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina.  This is the only route that completely traverses the park that allows you to take in and experience the best of the Smokies.  Even if you are a frequent visitor to the Smokies, you'll find value in this special Newfound Gap Smokies Insider Guide. 

Morton Overlook, Video Workshop (Coming Soon) - From Morton Overlook, you can experience one of the best sunsets in the Smoky Mountains.  You can look back and see the Little Pigeon River, Sugarland Mountain, Mount Mingus and the Chimney Tops.  You could visit and photograph the overlook every day for a year and never duplicate your image.  Light and other atmospheric variables directly impact your experience.

If you have ever tried to photograph this location, then you understand how difficult it can be to create the image that you experience in person.  Tim walks you through the entire scene during a beautiful sunset and shares years of experience with you.  Tim shares all of his insider tips on how to compose and ultimately create an image that conveys the natural beauty of this spectacular mountain vista.  Then, Tim takes you into Lightroom and walks you through the entire editing process when you can follow along with the provided RAW files.    

Sparks Lane at Cades Cove, Black & White Winter Fine Art Video Workshop (Coming Soon) - Sparks Lane in Cades Cove is a magical and often photographed location for good reason.  You typically see beautiful morning scenes that capture the warm morning light and ethereal fog.  In this unique video workshop, Tim shares his creative vision with you by photographing this scene in the winter.  Tim shares his creative vision with you as he creates an emotionally evocative black and white fine art image.  After the field expense is over, Tim walks you through the step-by-step editing process in Lightroom and then he shows you how you can make additional edits in Photoshop if that is something you want to pursue.  You will walk away from this video workshop with some new inspiration to visit the Smokies in the off season.

Oconaluftee Valley Overlook Video Workshop (Coming Soon) - From atop the Thomas Divide, just a little below the crest of the Smokies along Newfound Gap, you can enjoy this amazing mountain vista for an unforgettable experience.  My favorite time to photograph this overlook is in the Fall season at sunrise and increasingly I have been visiting here during the summer for some Milky Way Dark Sky images.  In this video workshop, Tim shares his creative process with you to include all of the technical details that went into creating the photos.  After you leave the field, Tim walks you through the step-by-step process of editing the images in Lightroom and Photoshop.