Tim Layton Fine Art | Premium Articles

I create in-depth articles based on my research that span a variety of darkroom topics.  In order for an article to qualify as a premium article, I believe the information must provide a lot of value to my reader.

I invest a lot of time developing the proper content and often times doing extensive testing that most people simply don't have the spare time to do, even if they are qualified to do the work.  

Time is money and my primary goals are to present the information in a clear and logical manner and provide value through expert knowledge and experience. I develop my premium articles based on research and first hand experiments, not based on theory.

For example, if I am writing about the effects of one developer over another, I would test both developers, document all of the variables, and create several prints for comparison.  Images of the prints would be included in the premium article along with my analysis, findings, and recommendations.  In other words, I do the work first hand and report my findings along with my analysis and recommendations for my readers.  I want to save my readers a lot of valuable time by either giving them a leg up or to save their time and by avoiding the testing process, if it isn't a match for their needs.  

I have a list of my premium articles below along with a brief description.  You can purchase any of my premium articles and get immediate access.  Once you complete the purchase process, you are taken to download the PDF file for immediate use.  If you don't see an article on a topic that interests you, feel free to send me an email and I can possibly develop one for you.  


Exposing Ilford Delta 3200 at EI 3200 and Above - (under development)

Exploring the Visual Differences Between Pure Platinum, Platinum/Palladium, and Pure Palladium Prints - (under development)

Designing & Mixing a Custom Two-Bath B&W Film Developer For Mid to High Contrast Scenes - (under development) 

Testing Pyrocat HD with Ilford HP5+ at EI 400 in Low Contrast Scenes (3 stops) & Expanding to a 5 Stop Negative For a Vibrant and Rich Silver Gelatin Print - (under development) 

Using Amidol to Develop Silver Chloride (Lodima) Contact Prints - (under development)

How to Profile Your Paper For Platinum/Palladium Printing - (under development)

Determining the Exposure Range of Your Film/Paper/Developer Combination for Platinum/Palladium Prints - (under development)

How to Make a Split Grade Silver Gelatin Contact Print & Adjust Variables Based on Your Print Tones - (under development)