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B&W Darkroom Photography Video WorkshopB&W Darkroom Photography Video Workshop Large Format B&W Film Testing Video WorkshopLarge Format B&W Film Testing Video Workshop B&W Large Format Floral Still Life Video WorkshopB&W Large Format Floral Still Life Video Workshop Large Format Paper Negative Video WorkshopLarge Format Paper Negative Video Workshop Split-Grade Darkroom Printing Step-by-Step GuideSplit-Grade Darkroom Printing Step-by-Step Guide Color Film Quick Reference Cards Platinum & Palladium Printmaking with Vellum Video WorkshopPlatinum & Palladium Printmaking with Vellum Video Workshop   DIY UV Printer Design & Build Video WorkshopDIY UV Printer Design & Build Video Workshop



"I have taken several of Tim Layton's workshops, including Modern Platinum and Palladium Printmaking with Digital Negatives, Exploring Paper Negatives, Black and White Large Format Floral Still Life Course, and I have also used his ebook on Split Grade Darkroom Printing.  They are all excellent.  They have probably saved me several years of experimentation to get to the point where I am now.  I have learned a lot from Tim's courses and would highly recommend them, but I have to give Large Format B&W Film Testing an A+ for the quality of its content and high value of information in that whether you photograph landscapes, floral, architecture, and more, understanding how your negative behaves and how to take advantage of that is a crucial first step to producing a beautiful photographic print."  -Steve Schanzer

"My experience with darkroom goes back to late 90's. I needed a refresher since I have not been in a darkroom in 10 years. Tim's Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography Video Workshop is easy to follow, very detailed and very affordable. With this workshop, you will see that getting your hands wet in a photographic darkroom is not something to be scared off as Tim shows/explains in very plain language. Knowing something is one thing, teaching that is another. Not everyone can teach what they know. If you are considering learning darkroom or need a very good refresher I highly doubt you will find anything better. I am certain you will not find it at this price." -Gokhan Cukurova

"I just finished Intro to B+W Darkroom Workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of experience level. Photography like music or any other art form requires practice. Tim’s workshops will help get the technical details out of the way so making art becomes your primary focus. Already signed up for the Floral Still Life class and plan to take both the Split Grade Printing and the Advanced Printing classes." -Pete Moraitis

"I just received my fine art print and it is absolutely stunning!  I wanted other people to know the attention to detail that you put into the making of this fine art.  As a fellow large format photographer and printer of my own B&W darkroom prints, I can tell you that Tim’s work is exceptional.  Now having this print in my hands, I can tell you that this selenium-toned print looks three-dimensional.  That is high praise considering we work in a two-dimensional medium. If you have not already joined Tim’s Fine Art Print Club, I strongly recommend that you join now! You will not regret your decision."  -John D'Angelo

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