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Large Bull ElkArkansas cascade deep in the lush Ozark mountains. Lush green Spring foliage, soft water and the rocky ridge gives a textured contrast to the forest scene deep in the dense wilderness.Ozark mountain forest and river scene with warm spring sunlight washing over the lush wilderness vegetation of the woods and yellow green woodlands of the wilderness. The soft sun blankets the treesA lost waterfall found deep in the national Ozark forest of Arkansas. This scenic cascade of falling water is found deep in the Ozark mountains near Jasper, Ponca and Boxley valley AR.The lush green forest of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. A cascade washes down the lush green wilderness of the Arkansas landscape at Lost Valley State Park, AR.A beautiful waterfall cascades down the lush green forest of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. This falling water cascade is from Lost Valley State Park, AR between Boxley Valley and Ponca.Colorful autumn forest in fall from the Ozark Mountain wilderness of Arkansas. The trees come alive with color as the seasons and weather change right before winter sets in.Tourist visitors couple taking pictures at Whitaker Point rock cliff hiking trail, landscape view, Ozark mountains, nwa northwest arkansas