Tim Layton Fine Art | My Creative Mediums

Landscapes – Hope, Humility 

I create Pure Platinum Prints of my landscapes because of the incredibly long tonal scale, unique presence associated with pure platinum prints, and the collectible nature of this type of artwork that can last millennia.  

Platinum prints offer exquisite tonalities, unmatched permanence, and the satisfaction of hand-craftsmanship. 

A major reason why photographers like Edward Weston, Paul Strand, and Frederick Evans chose platinum over silver when both were commercially available was the extraordinary richness and subtle tonal scale. 

Because there is no surface gelatin emulsion, as in conventional silver papers, a platinum print is truly matte and, viewed from any angle, free of glare. Because the image is embedded in the paper itself, there seems to be a greater illusion of depth as well as a sense of spacious­ness and clarity.

Platinum printing is the most permanent print­ing process known. My pure platinum prints are composed solely of platinum metal de­posited into paper fibers, the image can last indefinitely.  A reference in early photographic liter­ature tells of a group of platinum prints lost in a shipwreck, submerged in cor­rosive salt water for more than l0 years. When divers brought them to the surface, the photographs were well preserved, only the frames had rotted away!

I hand wax some of my pure platinum fine art prints because it creates a unique presence and depth.  My fine art landscape prints provide an opportunity for me to express messages of hope and humility in a way that words alone are unable to achieve.

Flowers – Intimate, Uplifting, Close to the Heart Messages 

I make silver gelatin fiber prints of my floral subjects because of the incredible contrast and spectacular highlights associated with this medium.  The way the human mind processes characteristics of this substrate is unique and extraordinary.  I take advantage of the modern darkroom glossy variable contrast papers and the wide range of darkroom processes to create a piece of art that has super deep blacks and amazing highlights.  Based on how I create my film negatives, I can extend the contrast range of my prints and I can intensify the highlights by using split-grade printing filters and potassium ferricyanide on localized areas of my artwork.  

These techniques allow me to produce a unique and ethereal experience for my viewers and collectors.  I couple my techniques with the use of select focus using large and medium format film cameras which allow me to control the focal plane and place the interest where I think best communicates the essence of my message. 

Trees – Humanity, Relationships, Complexity of the modern world 

I create archival quality silver gelatin and pure platinum prints that help me produce a unique and mystical fine art experience for my collectors.  I feel that winter trees, in particular, are spectacular subjects that align with the messages I want to share. I use large format view cameras, sheet film, and basic darkroom chemicals to create my handmade fine art prints.