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Installed new shelf above the desk areaView of my bed and newly installed shelf above the bed.Installed a fan!Framed in the main window (side view)Framed in the main window today (back view)Got my new window installed and trimmedPutting black felt on the sides of the framestarting the process of framing in the new windowMy new desk is built and installedI designed this water storage box for easy access to waterJust finished the trim and door on the bed storage areaLaying out the new desk/office areaLaying out the new desk/office areaWorking on getting cedar on the bulkhead wall nowJust added cedar on the window wall.  Still needs sealed, trim, and the desk/cabinets next.Tim Jr screwing in the new lightingGot the new bulkhead wall up between the cabin and the living area now.Installed a new slider windowThe electric is fully installed in the new console now.Finishing up the electric for the console