Tim Layton Fine Art | Mission

My mission is to bring joy and lower stress for people by sharing the healing power of nature through my art.

In an over busy, technology-driven world, I am trying to restore some balance at a time when humanity has never been further from nature. Plenty of marketing messages reinforces the subliminal impression that nature is bad or dangerous, and at the very least, pushing it back away from civilized life makes us healthier and safer.

When viewing black and white nature-based art, something magical happens that is unexpected. Your mind engages in a way that isn’t possible if the art were in color. Your mind fills in the gaps in the scene and triggers new areas of the brain. 

Look at a black and white photograph and then close your eyes.  As your mind recalls the shapes, forms, and lines, allow yourself to paint in the colors.  

For example, visit this photograph of a group of tulips.  Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths and intently focus on the flowers.  Let your eyes bounce between the points in the image.  Then close your eyes and imagine them in a color that you want.  Your blood pressure is most likely lower and your pulse a little slower.  

I want as many people as possible to receive the joy, peace, and calmness they deserve.  This is why I create Pocket Nature ArtTM.   

The small size of my Pocket Nature Art is a perfect way to bring nature with you and experience the healing and therapeutic powers of nature. Each of my Pocket Nature ArtTM comes with a protective viewing case so that you can take it with you when you are mobile.  Heading to a stressful event like a doctor visit?  No problem, bring your Pocket Nature ArtTM with you and reclaim your sense of wellbeing instead of looking at sterile walls and fiddling with your phone.

-Tim Layton



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Follow me on my St. Francois Mountain Pure Platinum Print Project where I am photographing the St. Francois Mountains that were formed by volcanic and intrusive activity 1.5 billion years ago.  I am making handmade pure platinum fine art prints.  By comparison, the Appalachians started forming about 460 million years ago, and the Rockies a mere 140 million years ago.

Experience the therapeutic and healing powers of nature via my Pocket Nature ArtTM

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