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Welcome to Tim Layton Fine Art Learning Center For Analog & Large Format Photographers 

I am proud to bring you a wide variety of analog photography learning resources to help you in your personal journey.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I am always happy to help.

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Darkroom Underground Magazine - The Darkroom Underground Magazine is dedicated to elevating and sharing the portfolios of modern darkroom photographers along with a balance of technical and creative articles from a wide range of experts and esteemed advisory board.  We are very proud to continue the tradition of classic analog photography in the 21st-century technology-centric world.

"Tim, Congratulations!. Although my standards are quite high. I must say that you have exceeded them with your first edition."  Jim Boice

"Wow! Wonderful effort. What a great collection of articles and contributors. I think you’ve made it difficult to top yourself next time." Donald Stark 

"Congratulations on your accomplishment!  You, the other authors, and team members now have something to celebrate.  I'm flying from Vermont to Seattle soon, so "Vol 1, No 1" is on the top of my reading list on my iPad - I'm forcing myself to wait..." Phil Gingrow

"Received the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  Outstanding!  The articles and images are really beautifully done.  I can appreciate the effort you put into making it so beautiful. Thanks.  Looking forward to future editions." Frank Baudino

Modern Platinum & Palladium Printmaking with Digital Negatives - Quick Start Guide - I created this special quick start guide to help you create Platinum & Palladium fine art prints in a fraction of the time if you had to research, test, and troubleshoot the process on your own.  The learning materials include the core book in PDF format, and I have created several HD videos that help illustrate the concepts and steps in the book.  

To help you make your first prints as quickly as possible using digital negatives, I have invested a lot of time in making a special Photoshop curve that you can use.  Creating the custom curve for platinum/palladium is one of the biggest hurdles in making high-quality prints.   By combing digital negatives with the Platinum Sodium Na2 solution, making Platinum/Palladium prints have never been easier.

Platinum & Palladium Printmaking with Vellum - Master Series - In this video workshop, I walk you through the entire process of how to make high-quality platinum and palladium prints using translucent vellum as opposed to regular rag and cotton paper. Get immediate access, and get started learning now. 

Using this technique, you can unlock a new level of creativity that isn't possible with normal opaque papers.   I show you how to create platinum & palladium prints on acid-free vellum making them nearly transparent for a variety of unique and compelling presentation options.  This unique process offers a wide variety of presentation options that simply are not possible using traditional mediums. You get immediate access to 11 HD movies walking you through every step in the process.

How To Create Digital Negatives For Alternative Printing - Get immediate access to my 30 page How to Create Digital Negatives for Alternative Printing eBook, I walk you through the entire process of how to create digital negatives for your alternative analog printmaking (e.g., platinum, palladium, salt, van dyke, silver gelatin, etc.) using Photoshop.  The eBook is in PDF format and available immediately after purchase. Any modern version of photoshop in the last ten years will work.  I walk you through how to scan your analog printed step tablet, so a scanner of some type will allow you to reconcile the variances between the analog process and the digital negative creation.  I use Picorico Premium OHP transparency film for my digital negative medium, and I print with an Epson 3880.  If you want to create your own custom curves for your specific printmaking style, this is the book for you.

Introduction to B&W Darkroom PhotographyGet Immediate Access to all of the course materials including a 50-page course training guide and 12 HD videos for 3 hours of impactful training. Everything you need to know to expose and develop black and white film and make handmade darkroom prints is included in this comprehensive video workshop.  If you have ever wanted to take control of your black and white creative process, develop your own black and white film, and make handmade darkroom prints, then this is the video workshop for you. I gently guide you through the entire process of exposing, developing, and making darkroom prints from beginning to end.  With over 30 years of experience, I can save you a lot of time and help you from making unnecessary mistakes.  Even if you are already developing film and making prints, the insights and tips that I share in this course will help take your skills to the next level.  

B&W Floral Still Life Photography Using Large Format - I take photographers behind the scenes and walk them through my step-by-step process of how I create beautiful floral still life prints in the darkroom with a 4x5 large format view cameraYou get a 68-page course training guide in addition to 17 HD video lessons.  You can get immediate access to the video workshop.  Floral still life using large format veiw cameras and film is a genre that could keep you busy for three lifetimes. 

I assume photographers already have a working knowledge of how to expose, develop, and make basic darkroom prints.  If not, don't worry, take my Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography video workshop so that you are fully up to speed before jumping into this workshop.

Exploring Paper Negatives For Darkroom & Large Format PhotographersGet immediate access to the full video workshop right now.  You get a 78-page course training guide and 18 video lessons for over 4 hours of detailed instruction.  I take you on a journey through the process of using darkroom paper as a negative medium to create black and white fine art prints.  Determining the best way to expose and develop your selected darkroom paper is only the beginning. Paper negatives are often overlooked or only explored on the surface by photographers.  As with all of my video workshops, there is no fluff, I get right to the point and I share everything that I know and have learned about making darkroom prints from paper negatives.  If you want to use paper negatives as your capture medium and bring them into your digital workflow, I have you covered there too.

DIY UV Printer Build & Design Video Workshop For Alternative Photographers - I take you through the entire design and build process for your own custom UV printer.  You will be able to save an incredible amount of money over buying a commercial printer.  

I also believe you will end up with a superior UV printer that is based on your specific requirements and you will understand how to make adjustments for your style of photography.   You get immediate access to start designing and building your UV printer today. The video course can be watched online via your web browser or you can download all 33 of the HD videos for access anywhere at any time.

There is pride associated with building things with your hands and large format photographers have always enjoyed being able to hand-craft their tools. 

Large Format Quick Reference Cards - You can download the Large Format Photography Quick Reference Cards immediately and start using the information today.  You can put the information to use right away and continue to refer to the cards every time you are in the field with your large format gear to help guide you through the more complex camera movements.  

I created the quick reference cards in business card size format so that you could print them and even laminate them if you want to put in your pocket. In addition to the cards, I have several pages of detailed and contextual information to help you apply the information in the cards.  Photographers are putting the cards in their camera bags/backpacks and even finding innovative ways to attach them to their tripods.

Split-Grade Darkroom Printing, Step-by-Step - You can download the Split Grade Darkroom Printing Step-by-Step Workflow eBook PDF immediately.  I created the Split Grade Darkroom Printing Step-by-Step Workflow eBook to help darkroom photographers of every skill level create winning darkroom prints that have a full range of tonal values from detailed highlights to rich blacks with every tone in between.  

Based on over 35 years of darkroom printing experience, I believe the split grade method is the simplest and most efficient way to make winning darkroom prints from a wide range of negatives using variable contrast papers.  I share my personal workflow with you to include my metering technique, developer choice, and even my development process for my film of choice.  

Color Film Quick Reference Cards - You can download the Color Film Quick Reference Cards for Darkroom Photographers PDF file immediately.  You can start using the information that I have been collecting and using for decades in your own color film work.  I created the quick reference cards in business card size format so that you could print them and even laminate them if you want to put in your pocket, store them in your camera bag/backpack, or hang from your tripod in the field for easy reference.  I include the following: Specific Details on Each Films Dynamic Range, Metering Information For Each Film, Effective ISO Ratings, Reciprocity Failure Info, Color Corrections, Film Characteristics, Filter Suggestions, Lighting Conditions.  I provide this information for the following films: Kodak Ektar, Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400, Provia 100, Velvia 50, Velvia 100.

How To Selenium Tone B&W Film Negatives - You can download the How to Selenium Tone Black & White Film Negatives PDF immediately and put the information to use right away. 

When you think of selenium toning, your first thought most likely involves either archival processing of your darkroom prints or toning your fiber prints for an increased contrast and a slight color shift towards neutral with deeper blacks.  

In the How to Selenium Tone Black & White Film Negatives document, I discuss two different methods for selenium toning your black and white films. The first method is for archival purposes and the second is to increase the overall contrast of your negative. 


Test Print 84 x 21Test Print 84 x 21 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Newfound Gap Photography & Travel Guide - The 33-mile scenic drive along Newfound Gap Road (US-441) in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from Gatlinburg to Cherokee North Carolina is the only route that completely traverses the park that allows you to take in and experience the best of the Smokies. Based on years of experience, I created a detailed 30-page Newfound Gap Travel & Photography Guidebook detailing 11 prime locations for you to enjoy along the iconic Newfound Gap Road from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina.