Tim Layton Fine Art | Large Format Photography Video Workshop Series by Tim Layton

Large Format Photography Video Workshop Series 

Tim Layton has developed a practical and comprehensive three-part video-based workshop series to walk you through everything you need to know to become a confident and solid large format photographer whether you are printing in the darkroom or scanning your film.  

If you are just getting started with your first 4x5 large format view camera, or you are just getting back into large format photography again, Tim's large format video workshop series will have you up and running with total confidence really fast.  

Tim focuses the video lessons on the things that you really need to know and eliminates the clutter and technical jargon for you.  You will learn the technical aspects of large format photography so they become second nature and make your creative vision the priority. 

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Module 1 - The View Camera - (Get Early Bird Access Now)

Module 2 - The Negative - (Get Early Bird Access Now)

Module 3 - The Print/Output - (Get Early Bird Access Now)

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"I have broken the information into three modules that loosely aligns to the classic trilogy by Ansel Adams (The Camera, The Negative, The Print), but I have completely modernized all of the information in addition to focusing in on the most relevant so that you can get up and running quickly. This isn't a repeat of Ansel's classic texts, the video workshops bring to life the most important aspects of large format photography that you need to get your arms around in order to focus on your creative pursuits as the priority and not be stumbling around with the underlying technical details.

I walk you through everything you need to know in order to get started in large format photography in this three-module video workshop series.  My focus is on practical application and I purposely avoid discussion of engineering principles and advanced mathematics. These workshops are about making photographs, not engineering studies."

-Tim Layton