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You can download the Large Format Photography Quick Reference Cards and get immediate access for only $8.  Free updates for life

You can put the information to use right away and continue to refer to the cards every time you are in the field with your large format gear to help guide you through the more complex camera movements, meter your scene, develop your film, and even do things like figure out bellows factor exposure compensation, and much more.     

I created the quick reference cards in business card size format so that you could print them and even laminate them if you want to put in your pocket. In addition to the cards, I have several pages of detailed and contextual information to help you apply the information in the cards.  Photographers are putting the cards in their camera bags/backpacks and even finding innovative ways to attach them to their tripods.   

  • Immediate Access
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • 10 Quick Reference Cards
  • My Personal 12 Step Pre-Shot Checklist 
  • Details on Camera Movements
  • Metering & Film Development Tips
  • How To Calculate Bellows Factor Compensation 
  • Common Scenes & Solutions Page With Examples
  • 15 Photos of the Most Common Camera Movements
  • How To Check For Lens Coverage
  • How To Control Perspective & Shape Through Camera Movements
  • Lens Conversion Chart
  • FAQ Section
  • Bonus Section on The Zone System

Download your Large Format Photography Quick Reference Cards now and get immediate access. 

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“Tim's large format quick reference cards are an invaluable resource for people still learning large format photography. By making them concise and portable, you can easily reference them in the field in order to master what you're seeing on your ground glass. Highly recommended!” -Mark Olwick

“Tim is masterful at taking his 30+ years of photography experience and boiling it down into concise, understandable and actionable information that everyone can use, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer. His quick reference material allows me to focus on the creative while knowing the technical side of large format photography has been handled. His QR cards are like having a master photographer with you on your large format outings!” -Frank Dries

“Tim’s Large Format Quick Reference Cards give a nice, comprehensive overview of how to use a large format camera, and how to use a light meter to select the correct exposure and development for the film.  In a world where many people have grown up with “totally automatic everything,” it might initially seem intimidating to have a process that is completely under the control of the photographer.  However, it is also very empowering to be able to take control of your creative process, and Tim’s Reference Cards go a long way to help people feel more comfortable with this freedom.” -Paul Wainwright

“Tim, thanks for producing the LF Quick Reference Cards. I like the simple arrangement and it’s handy to have these tips and reminders with you in the field. Not only will the information help people new to LF build a usable process to get started, but it will help photographers that don’t get into the field as often as they’d like  when they draw a blank as the light is changing. It’s always good to have a reminder in your pocket when it really counts. I think these cards will make life a bit easier for our fellow LF shooters.” -Jon Paul, Jon Paul Gallery, Lake Tahoe, California


I have taught and mentored hundreds of large format photographers from around the world.  Based on this experience, I have distilled down the most useful information that large format photographers need at their fingertips.  Even experienced large format photographers can benefit from these quick reference cards because it takes the pressure off of having to remember everything and allows you to focus on your subject.  If you don't use the full range of movements available on large format cameras on a regular basis, it is easy to forget the specifics.  No need to worry about that because I have created 10 quick reference cards that will help you make a full range of movements in your compositions.  

I cover everything from selective focus techniques to sharp focus methods using axis, base, and asymmetrical tilts. I even include cards for metering and development and large format focal length conversions.  I assume that you know whether your camera has base, axis, and/or asymmetrical tilts.  If you are not sure, then a simple google search on your camera model should provide the information you need.

In addition to the quick reference cards, I created an entire page of problems and solutions covering the most common scenarios for camera movements.  The cards are great to give you the steps to achieve a specific result, and the problems and solutions page helps bring the full range of large format movements to life in real-world scenarios. 

I also include a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section where I provide specific information about the quick reference cards and I also provide context to the information. As large format photographers email me with questions that I haven't thought of yet, the great news is that I update the FAQ section and you get an updated copy free of charge for life. 

I also included a bonus section that includes a zone system visualization reference and a large format lens conversion chart for 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 focus lengths.  

If you want to get the most out of your large format camera, I am sure you will enjoy my quick reference cards.  All the information is presented in a clear bullet point type format, so you can quickly review the information while working in the field. 

Download your Large Format Photography Quick Reference Cards now.