Tim Layton Fine Art | Tim Layton Fine Art Large Format B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Prints


I am a large format black and white film photographer specializing in making artist original nature-themed silver gelatin fine art prints by hand in the darkroom.  

My process is devoid of modern computer-based technology.  I handcraft each image using black and white film and the finest fiber papers available.

I believe that film has a set of qualities that make it magical and increasingly unique in our digital-driven society. 

I use an 8x10 large format view camera that you see in my photo to the left to capture magnificent detail and tonality.  I hand print each of my limited edition mural-sized fine art prints in the darkroom one at a time". 

If you are a collector or gallery representative and want additional information about my large format silver gelatin fine art prints, contact me via my website and I will return your message.  

-Tim Layton

You can stay connected with Tim Layton via his Darkroom Newsletter and YouTube Channel and read the latest edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine

Tim shares his love of the darkroom and film in his exclusive library of video workshops and eBooks.  Read what photographers and art collectors from around the world are saying about Tim's artwork, darkroom training, and the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  


Tim Layton creates compositions using flowers and plants that he grows in his greenhouse and on his land in the Ozark Mountains, located in the central part of the United States.  Tim's arresting compositions and extraordinary clarity and scale of his artwork mark him as the foremost floral still life photographer in America today.  

Each fine art print is made using the highest quality fiber-based paper available and selenium-toned to museum quality standards for archival permanence.  

Tim signs and editions all of his prints in the lower right margin to ensure their authenticy.  Tim's signature, title and edition information is handwritten in pencil and processed into the fibers of paper during the darkroom development process making it become part of the artwork.  


Tim Layton creates a peaceful and uplifting experience in the midst of a world in constant motion.  

By using massive 8x10 large format negatives, Tim reveals details in his images that are unparalleled, even by high-tech digital cameras and computers.  There is something magical about Tim's images that are difficult to put into words.  When viewing them in person, they pull you in and touch you.  

One of the things that you will instantly recognize about Tim's artwork are the rich tonality that includes deep blacks, brilliant whites, and a wide array of middle tones.  Tim Layton has a way of making these tonal relationships exciting and emotionally evocative.  

Tim's analog film and darkroom methods are a true artisans way of bringing new art to life because everything is done by hand and no two prints can ever be the exact same.