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I think everyone in the world, independent of their gender, race, and belief system share common emotions.  I try and tap into this common link across humanity and bring people together through nature.  As I stated in my mission statement, I am driven to help improve people's lives through the healing and therapeutic powers of nature.  

For most people today in modern society, the new norm is a very busy, technology-filled life.  People are frequently replaced by technology and social interaction has forever changed.  I do appreciate and consume technology, but I am hopeful that people understand that balance is important.  

I challenge myself to communicate my experiences visually with the intent of passing along the peace and grace that I receive from the natural world.  I think people can see parts of themselves in my artwork, and this is why I have been afforded more success than I could have ever imagined.  

I believe by connecting people with the beauty and peace of nature, those that respond to their inner voice will take action to help solve the vast array of challenges that we are all facing in an overbusy technology-driven world.  Even if people just slow down for a few minutes, enjoy nature through one of my prints, I believe this makes the world a better place.  I have the fundamental belief that people protect what they value.  I hope that people realize that our natural resources are in limited supply, and every choice makes a difference.  


-Tim Layton

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Follow me on my St. Francois Mountain Pure Platinum Print Project where I am photographing the St. Francois Mountains that were formed by volcanic and intrusive activity 1.5 billion years ago.  I am making handmade pure platinum fine art prints.  By comparison, the Appalachians started forming about 460 million years ago, and the Rockies a mere 140 million years ago.

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