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Domestic Livestock grazing on federal public lands is a leading cause of conflict with other uses, especially wild horses.

If passed into federal law, the Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act, H.R. 5737 would provide permit holders the option to relinquish their contractual agreements in exchange for a fair market price. 

Reducing livestock on public lands will help restore the health of ecosystems and allow for native wildlife to safely thrive.

You can help protect America's public lands, wild horses, and other wildlife at no cost to you, by reaching out to federal lawmakers.  Politely and respectfully urge them to support this vital legislation by becoming a cosponsor.


Free Wild Horse Journal by Tim LaytonFree Wild Horse Journal by Tim Layton


As a constituent, I urge you to cosponsor the Voluntary Grazing Permit Act (H.R. 5737) to aid in the protection of public lands, and wildlife, including our nation's wild horses and burros.  

Occurring on 200 million acres of federal public lands, domestic livestock grazing is the most pervasive and damaging use of America's public lands.  Across the West, millions of non-native sheet and cattle destroy vegetation, contaminate watersheds, spread invasive weeds, depriving native wildlife of forage and shelter, accelerate desertification and contribute to global warming.

Livestock grazing on federal public lands can lead to conflicts with other multiple uses including impacts to wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities.  In many cases, simply removing livestock is the best solution to reduce or resolve these conflicts.  The voluntary retirement of grazing permits authorized by the VGPRA is the most cost-effective and equitable way to address this issue.  Current law and regulations either do not allow for the retirement of grazing permits or make the process unnecessarily difficult and uncertain.  

Please cosponsor and support the Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Act (H.R. 5737) without delay.

Thank you.