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Smoky Mountain - Morton's OverlookSmoky Mountain River - Early Spring after the RainCades Cove - Lone Tree # 1Cades Cove 12/17/16Cades Cove 12/17/161st Overlook - Little River RoadCades Cove 12/17/16Cades Cove 12/17/16Sparks Lane 12/17/161st Overlook - Little River RoadSparks Lane 12/17/16Cades Cove - 12/17/16Cades Cove - Lone Tree # 2Middle Prong - 12/18/16Middle Prong - 12/18/16Middle Prong - 12/18/16Cub - Black BearMiddle Prong - 12/18/16Test Print 40 x 32Smoky Mountain River - Early Spring after the Rain