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Part of my plan when I decided to buy land and build my tiny house off the grid was to have an all year greenhouse where I could grow my vegetables and flowers to photograph.

Now that my house, darkroom, and workshops are all built, I can focus on building and using my greenhouse. It has been a dream in my heart for many years to be able to grow the majority of my food. I was raised on a small farm where we went out to the garden and harvested whatever we wanted when we were hungry. I am in the process of learning how to extend the growing season to the entire year, including the winter. I will be growing many of my favorite flowers as well to enjoy and to photograph them.

This story will continue to unfold over time and feel free to contact me if you have questions or need help. I am happy to share my knowledge and experiences.
March 7th Greenhouse UpdateMarch 7th Greenhouse UpdateMarch 7th Greenhouse UpdateMarch 7th Greenhouse Update12V Deep Cycle AGM Battery for Germination SystemGermination Beds With Warming MatsJump Start Heat Mat Thermostat160W Portable Solar Panel for GreenhouseSunrise on my greenhouse and bird feeders - 12/28/16Installing gutter for rain catchmentThe new door is built and installed!Installing gutter for rain catchmentThe Greenhouse is Finished Before Winter!The masterminds behind the greenhouseJust planted some flower bulbs for the winter season.Trying to germinate some flowers!Fluffy hanging out in the greenhouseFluffy hanging out in the greenhouse