Tim Layton Fine Art | Getting Started With Large Format Darkroom Photography

If you are thinking about or have recently got your first large format camera, you probably have a lot of questions because large format photography is nothing like digital photography.  Don't worry, I can help.  

I have taught many photographers from around the world of all skill levels about all aspects of large format photography.  Everything from spot metering and film development, to making your first large format contact print in the darkroom.   

I decided to design and build a simple solution to help you make contact prints from your 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 film negatives without needing a darkroom! 

If you are just scanning your negatives and making digital prints, you are missing out on the beautiful artisan process of making physical prints from your film negatives.  Once you do it, you are hooked because the level of satisfaction is unparalleled, and I think you will be surprised at the quality.  

I personally love to print my 4x5 negatives on 8x10 paper so that I have a natural border around the image.  This allows me to cut a mat that allows extra space around the image so that I can title and sign the print.  I prefer an optical weighting in my presentation (more space on the bottom than on the top).