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Getting Published in The Darkroom Underground Magazine

The Darkroom Underground Community is a place for film photographers to share, learn, and create together.  There is an opportunity for you to share your photographs and your articles with a global community of darkroom photographers and art buyers.  

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If you have any questions after reading the information below, contact Tim Layton directly and he will be happy to help you.  


There are three ways to get published in the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  You can write a technical or creative article, we can publish your best photographs, and we can promote an event or project that you are involved in as long as it is based on analog photography (e.g., gallery event, solo show, personal project, etc.).   

Your target audience are analog photographers and art buyers from around the world, so keep that in mind when you are considering content and when it comes time to get published.  


Your articles can be technical or creative articles that fellow analog photographers would find helpful and interesting.  You will want to be very detailed in your thoughts and provide supporting images to help support the text.  

We like to have between 1,000 and 1.500 words and at least a couple or more images.  

Checklist For Your Article:

  • Plain text file with 1,000 to 1,500 words 
  • Images should be in .jpg format and sized 1000 pixels on the long side and be 300 dpi. 
  • Images should be named image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg and so on and you should put placeholders in your text where they belong such as [image-1.jpg].  This helps Tim lay out your article with the publishing software.  
  • A portrait of you that is 300 dpi and 1000 pixels on the long side and named yourname.jpg where yourname is your first and last name. 
  • Your exact name that you want published 
  • Your website and email address that you want published (optional) 
  • Proof read your article at least two times and have a friend read it as well before submitting to Tim Layton via email (tim@timlaytonfineart.com).  


We love to publish and get your best analog photographs out into the world.  It is the one thing that we love best.  If you have at least 6 photographs, but no more than 12, that are exceptional, then we want to help you get them published.  The only rule is they must have been created via an analog medium (film, wet plate collodion, dry plate, etc.).  

Email Tim Layton at tim@timlaytonfineart.com with your images for review and he will contact you to discuss the next steps. 

Checklist For Submitting Photographs For Review:

  • Size your .jpg images to 72 dpi and 800 pixels on the long side 
  • Write a short paragraph about your images and makes them special
  • Submit your proofs and text to Tim Layton via email at tim@timlaytonfineart.com
  • Tim will review and email you back with the next steps. 

Checklist For Submitting Production Photographs For Publication:

If your photographs are selected for publication please follow the checklist below to get them ready for publication.

  • Size your .jpg files to 300 dpi and 3000 pixels on the long side and name them as follows: lastname-1.jpg where lastname is your last name.  
  • Write a short paragraph about the images you are getting published.  The text will appear before the images and it should help the viewers understand what they are looking at, why it is important, and why they should view them.  
  • In your text file, include a title for each image that is being published.  A title is required at minimum, but often times other information is relevant or helpful such as camera/lens/film used and so on.  lastname-1.jpg Title: Smoky Mountains Sunrise, for example.  
  • Submit via email to tim@timlaytonfineart.com


The third way to get published in the Darkroom Underground Magazine is to share a project or special event with readers.  For example, you might have an upcoming gallery event that you want published, or you are part of a special project that involves analog photography.  If your project or event involves analog photographer, send an email to Tim Layton at tim@timlaytonfineart.com and Tim will review and get back to you about the next steps.  

Checklist For Submitting Your Event/Project For Publication:

Create an email with the following information and submit to Tim Layton.

  • Write a short paragraph about your event or project that involves analog photography.  Be clear and concise so the team can quickly review your information.  
  • Share any relevant photos or images if appropriate.  Size your .jpg files to 300 dpi and 1000 pixels on the long side and name them as follows: prj-1.jpg where prj is your project name OR event-1.jpg where event is the name of your event. 
  • Submit via email to tim@timlaytonfineart.com


If you have an existing or new article or video that you want to share with the Darkroom Underground Community, contact Tim Layton with your content and he will review to ensure it meets the standards for publication.  This is a great opportunity to share your best articles and videos with the Darkroom Underground Community and have the added benefit of getting your best work published on an external website to help drive new traffic to your content.