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Free Large Format Film Index Cards

Hi, I am excited to share my large format film index cards with you.  

As promised, here is your Free PDF of my personal index cards that I use to document all of the important details for all of my large format sheet film. 

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Large Format Film Index Cards

  • I use the film index cards to document the important details for each sheet of film
  • I made the index cards the same size as 4x5 sheet film.
  • If you want to use acid free paper, you could slide these cards in your film sleeves with your sheets of films or if you want to use regular paper, just tape them on top of the film storage sleeves.  
  • I have been using these cards for years to document all of the important details about each sheet of film, so I think you should have everything you need for your films too.  
  • If you can think of any new fields that would be helpful, contact me and let me know. 


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