Tim Layton Fine Art | Free HP5+ & FP4+ Reciprocity Chart

My Personal HP5+ & FP4+ Reciprocity Chart

Hi, my name is Tim Layton and I am excited to share my reciprocity failure chart with you for Ilford HP5+ and FP4+ black and white film. 

I use HP5+ and FP4+ as my standard black and white film for my large format black and white silver gelatin fine art botanical prints.  I use my customized split-grade method to create all of my black and white fine art prints. 

I frequently run into scenarios where my metered exposure times are greater than one second and so I needed to develop a customized reciprocity chart to help me create the correct exposures.  

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I found the published data by Ilford to consistently cause underexposure errors and this cost me a lot of money in terms of film, developer, and missed opportunities.  Ilford publishes a reciprocity correction factor for both films, but I didn't find them to be accurate, so I tested my films and developed my own chart that produce very reliable and consistent exposures for both of these films.  

If you are a large format photographer and want to work with a high degree of confidence, then you will want to test your films to establish your personal exposure index (EI) rating, and associated development times for Normal (N), Expanded (N+), and Contracted (N-).  

FP4+ & HP5+ Reciprocity Exposure Compensation Chart

The red line in the chart to the left represents the corrected exposure time and the blue line was the metered value.  

It is easy to see how much you need to correct your exposures with both of these films.  

Here are my corrected exposure times that I use for meter readings ranging from 1 second to 30 seconds. 

  • 1s -> no correction
  • 2s -> 3s
  • 3s -> 5s
  • 4s -> 8s
  • 5s -> 11s
  • 6s -> 15s
  • 7s -> 18s
  • 8s -> 22s
  • 9s -> 26s
  • 10s -> 31s
  • 20s -> 1m 30s
  • 30s -> 2m 20s 

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