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Large Format B&W Film Development Services 

New Jobo CPP 3 Film ProcessorNew Jobo CPP 3 Film Processor Tim Layton Fine Art offers custom black and white film development services for large format photographers. 

  • We work with you on an individual basis to develop your large format black and white films to meet your specific creative goals.    
  • We standardized on Kodak D-76 and Pyrocat HD developers using our new Jobo CPP-3 processor and Jobo Expert Drums for consistent and repeatable results.  
  • Each development is one-shot, meaning we use fresh chemicals for every development process.  
  • We are not a mass production facility.  We are professional large format photographers helping other large format photographers on an individual basis because we want to do this.  
  • Every sheet of your large format black and white film is developed by Tim Layton and his son, Tim Jr.  No part of the development service is outsourced.  We do everything in house and via the same two people.  

B&W Negative Film Development Pricing

120 Roll Film - $7 each

4x5 Sheet Film - $7 each 

5x7 Sheet Film - $10 each

8x10 Sheet Film - $12 each

11x14 Sheet Film - $25 each

  • Our standard pricing listed above assumes (N) normal development for all films in the group.  If you require expanded (N+) or contracted (N-) development, you will need to group those films into minimum order requirements.  
  • You will need to either provide us with your alternate development times or you can take our Large Format B&W Film Testing Video Workshop to help you perform the proper tests to establish your personal film speed (EI) and range of development times for N, N+, and N-.  If you don't want to perform your own testing, we can do the testing for you.  There is a one time fee of $99 per film and developer combination.  
  • We have the capability of developing films up to 20x24.  If you need pricing on films larger than 11x14, contact us and we are happy to work with you.  
  • We require a minimum order of at least 10 rolls of 120, 10 sheets of 4x5, 5 sheets of 8x10 and all larger film can be developed in groups of 2.  
  • Return shipping is calculated based on your shipping address and assessed at the time of your order.  
  • We can make contact proofs on Ilford RC paper for an additional fee.  If that is something you would like, contact us to discuss your requirements and we can agree on set of services and pricing schedule. 

To place an order, contact us and we will coordinate the shipment and development of your film. 


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We offer our black and white large format film development services because we want to, not because we have to.  We want to form partnerships with other serious black and white fine art photographers and be part of your valued team. 

We see large format black and white photography as a true artisan process that allows for creative interpretation along the entire workflow.  That journey begins by successfully creating the type of negatives that support your overall vision for your images and prints whether you are scanning or printing in the darkroom or both.  

Based on many years of experience, we can provide technical feedback on your negatives to help you consistently create the type of photography that you dream about.  

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a time to discuss your specific needs, contact us and we will be happy to meet with you via the phone.  Be sure to leave your best phone number and a good time to contact you in your message.