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I love to write and share short essays on photography, creativity, nature, and their connections to humanity.  In the not so distant past, many excellent photographers were also insightful and creative writers such as Ansel Adams, Minor White, and Edward Weston.  They and others have inspired me to slow down, reflect, and share my creative thoughts.  

As I have grown and matured as a photographer over the years, my natural writing abilities have continued to evolve and improve.  I have kept a personal photographic journal for as long as I can remember, and some of my best lessons have sourced from these notes and writings.  I love to write about and share the deeper and psychological side of photography.  

I seek to communicate more than a visual structure of my photographic subject.  I have evolved to a place where I aspire to create images that evoke human emotion and feelings of hope, peace, and connectedness to nature.  While I am capable of creating beautiful images without a deeper meaning or connection to humankind, I have no desire to do this any longer.    

I make a humble attempt at taking my viewers on a visual and emotional journey away from the modern day digitized world by sharing my love for nature through the lens of traditional black and white darkroom photography.

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Photographic & Contemplative Essays

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