Essay 10 - Quality Comes First

As creative people, we tend to be passionate, friendly, and fun-spirited, at least for the most part!  If your intention is to share your creative projects with the general public, then you are therefore opening up your art to criticism and review by people around the world.  The Internet and especially social media have reduced the size of the world to a smartphone or your computer screen.  The moment you publish something online, people from all over the world can instantly see your photos and information.  Publishing your artwork online can be a fantastic opportunity, but it also comes with other responsibilities.

I know based on experience that I will always have people that don't agree with my writing or particularly care for every piece of my photography.  I consider this to be part of the price of admission to opening up my creative writing and photography to a global audience.  The benefits far outweigh the negatives, and I have grown to appreciate the criticism.  I have found that it makes me rethink something that I may have let go of, and I get a second opportunity to review it and possibly make it better.  

The bottom line in my mind is that I always aspire the create high-quality art. I owe that to myself and to the people that support my work.  I have evolved to a place where I am creating less work, and I believe this mentality has allowed me to improve my artwork.  Quality comes first, and everything else supports this mission.  

For those that don't like a specific piece of my work, I want them to walk away and be able to say that my artwork was created with passion and crafted to the highest standard, it just didn't resonate with them this time.  Chances are, they will come back and see my other work in the future.