Tim Layton Fine Art | Online Entrepreneur Business Training Program For Artists & Photographers

Online Entrepreneur Business Training Program For Artists & Photographers


I am currently developing a comprehensive Online Entrepreneur Business Training Program for creative professionals to teach you everything you need to know to transform your passion for photography and art into a profitable online knowledge business

I have received a lot of questions and inquiries about how I have been able to build an audience of over 500,000 followers and manage a successful online photography business in such a narrow niche (darkroom and large format photography).  I share everything I know with you in my brand new online training program that I developed for artists and photographers.   

By building an online segment to your photography and art business, you are creating a passive income source that allows you to make money while you are focusing on the creative aspects of your business.  This is how I am able to travel extensively and invest considerable periods of time developing my other video workshops and promoting my art without stress.  These same marketing methods and techniques can be used to build your audience and sell your art too.  

Even if your main objective is to sell more art, building an online business where you share your knowledge is a win-win for you and for your customers.  You get consistent and predictable cashflows, and your customers improve their skills in the passion that you share.  Once you have a larger following, you will naturally start selling more of your art because you have more traffic and an interested audience.  

If you are ready to transform your passion into a successful online business, take action right now and make positive steps towards your goal.  I will be sending updates via my newsletter reporting my progress on getting this workshop published.  

With a successful online business, you can live anywhere, work from anywhere, and live your passion while helping others in the process.  Your age, race, education, and location is not a limiting factor for success.  You don't need a college degree to be a successful online entrepreneur and you don't have to live in a large city.  Everyone can be successful if you understand how to build an audience, test and validate your offerings, and attract a steady flow of new customers.  I walk you through my entire process of how I built and run my online training business.  

I believe that the Online Entrepreneur Business Training Program is the single most important thing you can do right now to help you in your long-term success. Having an area in your business that produces income while you do other things is the key to performing without stress.  I am able to create my fine art prints at a relaxed pace and without the need to run discounts or special sales because I have built an income engine for my business through my online training.  

  • Are you a creative person that would love to be able to make a living by following your passion?
  • Do you ever wonder how other creatives are able to be successful in such a competitive environment?
  • Would you like to earn passive income so that you can focus on creating new artwork without financial stress? 
  • Learn how you can make money while you sleep and do other important things in your business.  

There are millions of photographers in the world that could benefit from your unique perspective and knowledge.  You just need to know how to build an audience and get new customers in an efficient and profitable way.  This is what my Online Entrepreneur Business Training Program is all about in a nutshell.  

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  It was only because I stuck with it and didn't give up that I was able to discover the profitable techniques and methods that really work.  

If you are ready to transform your passion into a successful online business, take action right now and make positive steps towards your goal.  I will be sending updates via my newsletter reporting my progress on getting this workshop published.  


It took me several years in my photography training business to acquire enough information, knowledge, and experience to ultimately have a successful online business.   

When I was building my business, I researched every course, every book, and training program on digital online marketing that I could get my hands on.  With two advanced degrees, I am well versed in how to research a topic.  There was not, and still to my knowledge, is not a single training program available other than mine that teaches you the most critical and important aspects of building a successful online knowledge business.  There are bits and pieces in different places, and some of the most important information isn’t in formal training programs.

So, you might be wondering, what is missing from the other training programs and why is mine different?  I am so glad you asked… 

Besides covering the fundamentals (identifying your niche, establishing a business plan, setting up your website/blog, marketing your product/service), I provide detailed video tutorials on the most critical aspects of building your audiencemethods to validate and test your ideas before investing too much time and money, and how to acquire new customers for free! 

Being able to quickly test your ideas is a critical skill that you must master in order to achieve long-term success and without the ability to build an audience, it doesn't matter how good you are, no one will know about you.  

I walk you through the exact process that I use to get new clients for free.  Yes, that is correct.  I have a method that I have perfected that allows me to get a steady flow of new customers for a net zero cost.  

Without an audience and the ability to effectively communicate with them, it doesn’t matter how awesome your product or service is because no one will know about you.

If anyone tells you that you can build a successful business by just using social media, they are an amateur.  It took me years to figure out how to use targeted ads to get new subscribers and customers and have those ads completely paid for, with a little left over.  In effect, I don’t have to pay for new customers, and I show you how to do this in my training.  That one topic is worth ten times the cost of this training to you and your business over time. It is basically a license to print money.  

Every business has to attract new customers and provide value to them in order to be successful and thrive over time.  For online businesses, you must master specific skills around lead magnet generation, landing and capture pages, and how to run ads on the relevant platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter and know how and when to use social media.  You cannot establish and grow your new online business with free social media alone because first of all, it isn't free.

Knowing how to write effective and targeted ads is one of the most critical skills you will earn that will save you a tremendous amount of money over time, and more importantly, increase your profits.  I walk you through how to do all of this and more in the sales funnel module.   

In Addition to a Comprehensive Set of Video Training on All the Necessary Business Fundamentals, I Have Step-by-Step Tutorials to Include:

  • How to use online tools for keyword research, traffic analysis, trends, and more.
  • How to validate your business ideas/products/services in 3 days for less than $20.
  • How to set up and optimize WordPress for your online business
  • Create proven opt-in forms and landing pages on your WordPress site
  • Setting up Mailchimp for your automated email system
  • Designing and implementing email automation for new subscribers
  • How to segment your list from the very beginning in Mailchimp
  • Case studies feating lead magnets, capture pages, and back-end sales funnel automation
  • How to test and optimize your sales funnel
  • How to get every new customer for free using an advanced technique that took me years to figure out  by using some very specific targeted ads along with effective landing pages.
  • And much more... 

If you are ready to transform your passion into a successful online business, take action right now and make positive steps towards your goal.  I will be sending updates via my newsletter reporting my progress on getting this workshop published.