Tim Layton Fine Art | Creative Goals

I am driven to share the uplifting and deeply emotional experience that I feel when I am viewing flowers, trees, and select landscapes.  I feel a responsibility to photograph and document important subjects in nature to allow future generations to see what we saw at the turn of the 21st century.   

My landscape photographs vary from traditional vistas to environmental scenes that include historic structures like barns and log homes.  

I create handmade pure platinum prints of select nature-based subjects to document and preserve their current state for future generations.  Platinum is the most archival of all photographs, and it is impervious to light fading and acid damage.  A platinum print it is capable of lasting thousands of years without change. In fact, the platinum never changes, only the paper that it is suspended on can change.  No other type of print, analog or digital, has the emotional impact and elegance of a platinum print in my opinion.  You may want to read my essay on why I choose to make handmade platinum prints. 

In a modern over busy and technology-drive world, my message is to slow down, enjoy the moment, and appreciate the natural world.  I hope that my artwork influences people to protect our finite natural resources.  I believe that people protect what they love.  

I use photography as a vehicle to express these feelings and experiences because I find that words alone do not suffice.  By titling each print, I hope to provide a glimpse into each story that I am trying to tell.