The Cooke Series XVa Triple Convertible large format lens is one of the finest lenses you can consider for large and ultra large format photography and the fact it is three lenses in one makes it an astounding value.

The same classic lines, format and focal length combinations as the original Cooke Series XV lens. Cooke's redesign of this still popular classic maintains the favorite characteristics of the original lens while incorporating new features requested by contemporary photographers:

For 8 x 10 large format photography
Focal lengths: 645mm (front cell only), 476mm (back cell only), 311mm (front + back).
Color balanced for today's film stocks.
Renowned Cooke multi coating. No flaring. No ghosting.
Dynamic Scale Ring. Three easily readable f stop scales on one dial-able ring for the three lens combinations (front + back, front only, back only). The ring easily attaches to any recent vintage Copal #3s shutter in good condition.
Combine your first XVa lens with a second XVa lens for two additional focal length combinations: 365mm (front + front) and 271mm (back + back).


The lens can be supplied with or without a Copal #3s shutter.

Your choice:

Use an existing recent vintage Copal #3s shutter in your lens collection or purchase a new Copal #3s shutter locally (to avoid paying an additional mark-up. We do try to help.) The Dynamic Scale Ring is included with your purchase and attaches easily to your existing shutter (instructions included).
Purchase the lens with a shutter and it will be delivered with the Dynamic Scale Ring already attached.
If you choose to purchase a second Series XVa lens set to take advantage of the five possible focal length combinations, we have a Dynamic Scale Ring with all five f stop combinations available to assemble to your shutter.


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