Tim Layton Fine Art | Content Development Survey

This is your chance to help shape my next blog articles and courses, so don't let this opportunity pass you by.  

I have been writing blog articles on darkroom and large format topics seriously for the last 10 years.  Only in the last 18 months, after much encouragement from photographers around the world, I decided to develop some learning resources (video workshops, eBooks, Quick Reference Cards) to help photographers of all skill levels learn new skills and continue to grow in their own creative endeavors.  

It has been an amazing journey so far because I have been able to connect with analog photographers like you from around the world and make new friends that otherwise probably wouldn’t have happened.  

Now that I have a sizable audience, many thousands of photographers from around the world, in over 20 countries, I want the next chapter to be about me serving you in a more open and transparent way.  I can write and share all sorts of technical and creative things with you, but I want to hear from you and narrow in on the things that matter most to you.  

In an effort to start this process, I have created a simple survey to help guide me in the coming months.  

Your feedback will directly help me create new blog articles for you as well as direct my next steps on content development for future books and workshops.

It has been my pleasure to serve you over the years and I feel like we are getting to the best parts via these next steps.  

Make your top choice in the survey, and if there is something that is really important to you that you don’t feel is addressed in the survey, just send me an email and let me know.  I read every response and reply to every email.  I always have and always will do that.  

After I get enough responses, I will come back to you via my newsletter and share the results and let you know about the topics that got the most votes.  


What is the single area in analog photography that interests you the most?
Darkroom Tech Details: e.g., chemistry, film dev, printmaking, etc.
Creative Discussions, Essays, and Sharing of Experiences
Large Format Specific Information
Hybrid Workflow (capture with film, scan to digitize)
Traditional B&W Darkroom Printing (e.g. enlargements, contact printing)
Alternative Printmaking (Platinum/Palladium, VDB, etc.)
Other - send me an email
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