Welcome to my Great Smoky Mountains Cades Cove Platinum Archival Project.

I am using classic large format view cameras and film to create handmade platinum archival plates of the historic architecture in Cades Cove to ensure the long-term survival of these historic cabins, mills, barns, and buildings for future generations.

My archival platinum workflow is effectively the same as it was for the pioneers, dating back to the 19th century. Every step of the process is done by hand and with basic raw materials. No computers or modern technology is required or used in my platinum archival workflow. I mix all of my chemicals from scratch, coat the plates by hand before exposing to UV light and processing for archival permanence. A properly made platinum plate can last indefinitely, making it the ultimate choice for preserving history.

I began the project in April, 2017, and I hope to have all of the platinum archival plates made by the end of the year.

Become a Smokies Insider. As an insider, you help protect the historic architecture in the national park AND maximize your Smokies getaway with our insider guides. As a thank you, you also receive a limited-edition, platinum, archival plate commemorating your devotion to one of our greatest national treasures.

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