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I moved from a fast-paced over worked life in the city to my tiny house cabin that is completely off the grid. I create all of my electricity via solar and source my water locally.

I hope you enjoy these snapshots from my journey where I have built my tiny house cabin, as well as my son's, and several other buildings that I use for our off-grid tiny house lives. We traded big houses and a treadmill of never-ending expenses for tiny houses and much bigger lives.
My Tiny House Cabin After We Just Added the New Deck.My Solar Panels at my Tiny House Cabin.My Photo Darkroom Building and OfficeTim Jr's Tiny House CabinWider View of my My Photo Darkroom Building and OfficeA Wide View of the Solar Panels at My House, Tim Jr's and the Darkroom Building.Building a new 14x40 Deck at my CabinBuilding a new 14x40 Deck at my CabinBuffy sleeping after a long day of napping...Building a new 14x40 Deck at my CabinBuilding a new 14x40 Deck at my CabinEarly Morning Light on my Darkroom BuildingNew End Table That I built from Reclaimed Pallet Wood.Building a new 14x40 Deck at my CabinWater House for my Darkroom BuildingBuilding a 12x12 Extension on the 14x40 DeckNew outside Table to Enjoy Meals and the ViewMy Sunday Morning OfficeMy Solar Panels at my Cabin