ALERT: Tell BLM to Reduce Livestock Grazing to Increase Wild Horse Populations

May 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Horses Crossing a River in Alberta, CanadaHorses Crossing a River in Alberta, CanadaCloseup of horses galloping across a river in the cowboy country of Alberta, Canada. Alert From The Cloud Foundation: May 03, 2022

"The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Oregon is pushing a management plan that would take effect for 10 YEARS until 2032. NOW is your time to speak up!

The BLM's plan to roundup these horses, leaving just 75 in each HMA, is dangerous. It will threaten the long-term genetic health of these herds, increase the risk of inbreeding and the threat of physical health problems.

Taking these herds to such low levels will severely limit opportunities for the public to view and enjoy the horses in their natural environment.

BLM also plans to use Gonacon on these mares, a fertility control which has been shown to shut down and shrivel the ovaries. In studies, only 30% of mares reversed to fertility within 10 years after 2 shots of Gonacon. The BLM shutdown that study; but based on the data it's safe to say that Gonacon may cause permanent sterilization after just two injections. 

Free Wild Horse News & Updates by Tim LaytonFree Wild Horse News & Updates by Tim Layton

We're asking you to take a stand against these actions, and to tell BLM to make sure cameras are put on helicopters and trap sites at roundups. As Americans, we have a constitutional right to observe the action of our government, and we're demanding they provide this opportunity.

We all know that the treatment of wild horses and burros during a roundup is abusive. With video documentation will we be able to change things for these beloved animals.

Please take a minute to submit your comments NOW.  Every Voice Counts. Please use YOURS now -- stand against cruelty to wild horses and burros."

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