NatureArtRx Films by Tim Layton

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NatureArtRx Films For Better Sleep, Relaxation, & MeditationNatureArtRx Films For Better Sleep, Relaxation, & Meditation If you have been following me for very long, then you already know that I spent over three decades making handmade silver gelatin and platinum prints in the darkroom. 

I taught workshops for many years and made friends with photographers all around the world. It was an amazing chapter of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.   

I retired from Tim Layton Fine Art last year and effectively that just means that I get to finally follow and pursue my own work and passion projects. 

I couldn't be more excited about the future and this next chapter. 

The two key areas that I am focused on moving forward are making platinum and palladium wild horse prints and creating nature videos that help people relax, sleep better, and hopefully even feel better. 

I am starting a brand new YouTube Channel for NatureArtRx where I will be sharing the new nature and wildlife videos.

Many people because of busy schedules or lack of access to nature simply don't have the ability to experience and benefit from the positive and healing powers of nature. 

NatureArtRx Films by Tim LaytonNatureArtRx Films by Tim Layton

I have created a completely free library of therapeutic nature and wildlife videos on YouTube, so you can get your daily dose of nature and feed your mind and body with goodness.  My hope is that you will sleep better, feel more relaxed, and have a joyful day. 

Use the videos and sounds to help you fall asleep fast, relax at any time during the day or night, and use for meditation or while you are exercising too.

🔔 Free Video Library - Better Sleep, Relaxation, & Meditation

NatureArtRx Films is dedicated to bringing you calming and relaxing music, nature sounds, and stunning 4K video for better sleep, relaxation, and meditation.

Join me daily and start sleeping better and feeling more relaxed.


Scientists and medical researchers have confirmed the healing power of nature in over fifty years of clinical and medical-based research.  We don't need doctors and researchers to tell us what we already know.  Nature has an amazing positive range of impacts on our mind and bodies and it is smart to connect with nature in any way that you can every day. 

Connecting with and being in nature has been proven to be beneficial for both human cognitive functioning and emotional wellbeing at all stages of life (Zaradic & Pergams, 2007) and we know that exposure to nature in any form increases intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical development. (Kellert, 2005).



Supports creativity and problem solving (Kellert, 2005) Enhances cognitive skills (Wells, 2000)

Reduces symptoms of the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (Kuo & Taylor, 2004)

Improves academic performance (Cooper, 2015)


Improves social relations (Burdette & Whitaker, 2005)

Improves self-discipline, Peace, self-control (Taylor, Kuo, & Sullivan, 2001)


Increases physical activity (Bell & Dyment, 2008)

Improves awareness and caution about nutrition (Koch, Waliczek, & Zajicek, 2006)

Encourage healthy behavior (Bell & Dyment, 2008)

Improves eyesight (less myopia, nearsightedness) (Rose, et al., 2008)

Reduces stress (Wells & Evans, 2003)


Michael Schubert(non-registered)
Congratulations Tim, it is heart-warming and motivating to read this news... finding and following your passions is such an important step... and one that is seldom taken ... I look forward to following your journey ... all the best in your quest, Michael
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