A Majestic Mare In The Fresh Winter Snow

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Wild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri in Winter Snow by Tim LaytonWild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri in Winter Snow by Tim Layton I was very fortunate to find the Broadfoot herd today right after sunrise in the fresh winter snow. 

The mare that you see in this photograph today is pregnant and I think she is likely to foal in early March based on when she foaled last year.  

I was very lucky that I got to see her new foal last year, probably within a week or so of the birth. 

On that day, I didn't even realize the foal was laying on the ground near her taking a nap because of the distance from me and lack of movement.

As I got closer, I noticed something that was on the ground, but at first, I couldn't determine what it was.  I became more curious and stood still for a while and whatever it was never moved.  I moved closer and got out my binoculars and realized it was a new foal.  I started to become concerned because the foal was not moving and I couldn't determine it was breathing because I didn't see any movement of the chest. 

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I was fearful the new foal was a still born.  I waited another 10 minutes or so and the mare continued to eat and walk around her new foal and still no movement.  Then, all of the sudden the new little foal popped up, stretched, and found her mom to get a drink after an apparently long and restful nap. 

I was relieved and enjoyed watching the baby foal stay close to her mom and graze next to her. I was thankful the new foal was healthy and happy and my day instantly improved. 

Tim Layton - Wild Horses of Missouri Broadfoot HerdTim Layton - Wild Horses of Missouri Broadfoot Herd Today was a much different story. 

It was the first real snow of the winter and after several failed attempts to find the other herds, I was fortunate the find the Broadfoot herd.

The beautiful mare that you see in this photograph greeted me as I found the herd.

She knew, as well as the rest of the herd knew I was in their space long before I found them.

As I made my way through the fresh and untouched snow, it was an absolute delight to find the Broadfoot herd today.  The moment I saw them, I felt joy and a sense of peace rush over me like I was standing in a cool waterfall on a hot summers day.  

The cool and crisp air was so fresh that it was a pure delight to breathe it in and enjoy it.  It was good to be alive and part of something special.  Today was one of those special days when everything felt right and special and I knew I was part of something that was unique and never to be repeated.  It is days like this that we know we are alive and blessed beyond anything that could ever be expected.   

I will put a larger version of the photograph below this text so you can see it better and enjoy her majestic beauty. 

Wild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri in Winter Snow by Tim LaytonWild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri in Winter Snow by Tim Layton

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