Nikon D6 Field Review For Wildlife Photographers & D6 vs. D5 Overview

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Nikon D6 Field Review For Wildlife PhotographersNikon D6 Field Review For Wildlife Photographers I rarely direct visitors away from my website to go elsewhere, but in this case, Steve Perry just released a comprehensive field review of the Nikon D6 that is the current definitive source in my opinion. 

Steve is a professional through and through and if you are interested in learning more about the field performance of the Nikon D6, I highly recommend watching his 45 minute video that I have for you directly below.

I have been testing and using the D6 for my personal needs as well, however, Steve's review is much more robust and comprehensive. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and a notepad and go watch the video. 

My Personal Thoughts About The D6 vs. D5 

I purchased both cameras and I have been using the D5 for many years.  I will summarize my current thoughts about the D6 versus the D5 in the section below and then I will write a much more detailed article about the comparison after I have more time with the D6.

  • The ISO performance is effectively identical in my tests (same conclusion as Steve Perry).  This is one of the primary reasons that I use a 21MP camera versus something like the D850.  The vast majority of my best wildlife photos are always in challenging lighting conditions and ISO performance is more important to me than more megapixels.  
  • The AF system is definitely different and more sophisticated, but I personally don't have enough experience with the D6 yet to know if it offers any real advantages over the proven D5 which is world class. 
  • If you are a current D5 user and you are thinking about upgrading to a D6, think long and hard before parting with your cash.  Make sure you have a use case that warrants the expense.  I personally can't think of one at this time based on my experience.
  • You can purchase a used in like new condition D5 for almost half the cost of a D6 which is my personal recommendation unless there is a very specific reason to purchase the D6. You can also purchase a used D5 with a very low shutter count (<5,000) and a new D850 for the same price as the new D6.  
  • If you already own a D5, I would look at investing in better or new lenses versus looking at the D6
  • You can visit my page where I have my latest articles on the Nikon D5 and D6


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