Why I Photograph The Wild Horses of Shannon County Missouri With B&W Film

January 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Wild Horses of Missouri - Broadfoot Herd - 02/23/2020 with Tim LaytonWild Horses of Missouri - Broadfoot Herd - 02/23/2020 with Tim Layton

The connection between nature, wildlife, and man is understood but increasingly pushed to the background in our technology-driven society. 

I know that people protect what they love and in our increasingly busy and technology-driven world, it would be easy for these wild horses to be pushed to the background and forgotten

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By conserving and protecting natural resources and wildlife, we are promoting biodiversity, and it is this biodiversity that directly contributes to the sustainability of all life on the planet.  Everything is connected.

I am photographing and telling the story of the wild horses so they won't be forgotten or pushed to the background in our busy world. 

To reach the secret places in our minds and souls, I believe that we need to take deliberate steps away from reality. Color photographs created with modern digital cameras recreate what you might see in nature, and while I can appreciate those images, it isn't suitable for my creative vision.  

I am doing something bold and different...

Black and white film allows me to take a step away from reality by removing color and enabling you to connect with the horses in a unique way that is centered on feeling and emotion.  I want you to feel what I feel when I am with the wild horses.  

Directly converting color digital images into black and white does not duplicate the feeling and emotion of black and white film images.  For that reason, I am going against the grain of modern digital photography, and I am using classic black and white film to tell the story of the wild horses of Shannon County, Missouri.

I am honored that you bring my artwork into your home and office spaces and if you are looking for something unique, rare, and special, I believe you will find that in my wild horse fine art prints.

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