5 Advantages of ABC Pyro Developer For Large Format Photographers

January 15, 2020  •  2 Comments

5 Advantages of ABC Pyro Developer For Large Format Photographers by Tim Layton5 Advantages of ABC Pyro Developer For Large Format Photographers by Tim Layton As a large format B&W photographer, your workflow can be very simple or it can be fairly complex. 

I have a few observations that I will share with you in this article about some possible advantages of using ABC Pyro as your developer. 

Your individual mileage may vary, but I hope you at least find a couple of ideas here to help you. 

If you think I have overlooked something, scroll down to the bottom of the article and share your thoughts. 

5 Possible Advantages of Using ABC Pyro

1 - Tray development is cheap and easy and there is no need for an expensive Jobo for example.  

2 - You can do tray development just about anywhere and without any need for electricity.  Whether you work in a temporary bathroom at home or if you are on the road and need to develop some film, you can do that in your hotel room too.  I do tray development inside my Sprinter van while I am on the road. 

3 - ABC Pyro is the optimal developer for contact printing with AZO/silver chloride paper.  Nothing beats it in my opinion and when paired with Amidol for the print development, you have a very special combination that produces extraordinary fine art prints. 

4 - You can mix ABC Pyro from raw materials and therefore you are not dependent on a manufacturer.  

5 - You develop your film by inspection and so there is no need to test your film.  

In other articles, I will cover how to develop large format sheet film properly in trays and also cover the develop by inspection method. 

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Hi Chris, ABC Pyro is best suited for contact printing and it is especially delightful when used with Amildol as the paper developer. Sandy King created Pyrocat HD for rotary processing and the contrast is different than ABC in regards to its relationship to silver chloride emulsions. Long story short, if you want to contact print ABC Pyro is your ticket and if you want to enlarge Pyrocat HD is your ticket. However, this doesn't mean you can't break away from these guidelines and mix things up, I am just giving you the optimal methods. It is always best to run your own tests and see what you think. Thanks for commenting.

Why ABC specifically, as opposed to e.g., Pyrocat-HD?
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