Do People Today Really Value Art?

February 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I was thinking and reflecting about art in general during my hike today and I sort of realized that art has been part of mankind in every century that we know of.  

I think that is fascinating, but also it makes me ask more questions. 

My burning question to you is: Do you think people in our modern high-tech world really value art?  

I ask this question because I wonder how so many artists and creative people are struggling to sell their work when we have never had more opportunity to promote artwork.  The Internet has allowed an artist to reach people around the globe in a matter of seconds.  

If it isn't a marketing issue, is the problem more along the lines that people no longer value art and therefore this is the reason for the lack of sales?  

What if the market is saturated with amateurs and professionals and people are desensitized to marketing messages about art or anything else for that matter? Amateurs being defined as people who either give away their artwork or they are not earning a living with their art sales.  

A part-time artist can give away or significantly discount their art because they have other income sources and this has a ripple effect on the market for professionals.  

I am curious to know what you truly think, so scroll down and leave your comments below. 


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