Tim Layton Fine Art | The July 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine is Available Now!

The July 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine is Available Now!

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It has been an amazing first year and we are excited to start our second year of publication.  We have 121 pages of spectacular analog photographs to share with you in this edition along with several articles that are technical, inspirational, and sure to get your creative engine running.

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Articles and portfolios from Tim Layton, Alex Burke, Bruce Barnbaum, Jon Paul,  Dmitry Donskoy, Philip S. Ulanowsky, Roger Lowe, Chris Walker, and Jason Lane. 

Enjoy 121 pages of this special edition that is jammed pack full of art, inspiration, and information that will make you proud to be an analog photographer.

Tim Layton - Article: The Art & Science of Choosing a Black & White Film Developer. 

Alex Burke - Article & Portfolio: Color Film Slides & Negatives: Why & How To Use Them.

Bruce Barnbaum - Article & Portfolio: Did it Look Like That? - Part 2

Jon Paul - Article & Portfolio: Don't You Get Tired Of Shooting There?

Dmitry Donskoy - Interview & Portfolio: Ambrotype Is a Universe

Philip S. Ulanowsky - Article: Success With HP5+, D23, & SLIMT: Taming An Extended Luminance Range.

Roger Lowe - Article: Why I Shoot Film In A Digital Age.

Jason Lane - The Dry Plate Photography Process

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