Tim Layton Fine Art | How I Manage The "Bellows Sag" On My 8x10 Large Format View Camera

How I Manage The "Bellows Sag" On My 8x10 Large Format View Camera

July 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In this brief video, I share a simple method that I use to manage "bellows sag" with my large format cameras.  This is an issue because the edges of the bellows can creep into the image area when you least expect it and ruin an otherwise great negative.  

This is usually more of a problem when there is a need for extending the bellows like in macro and closeup work for me, but over time, it can be an issue even at infinity on some of my longer lenses.  

Watch the video and share your method for managing your "bellows sag" in the comments section below. 

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