Tim Layton Fine Art | Greer Spring in the Ozark Mountains With Pentax 67II

Greer Spring in the Ozark Mountains With Pentax 67II

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In this brief video, Tim Jr. hiked to Greer Spring before daybreak in the Ozark Mountains.  He used his Pentax 67II with Tri-X rated at EI-250 on the scouting trip and he developed the film in XTOL 1:1 in the Jobo for 7.5 minutes at 20C.

Tim Jr Part of The Team Now

In case you missed my recent newsletter update, Tim Jr. is part of the team now.  He is working on a daily basis to help me achieve even more moving forward.  He scouted this location, captured the video footage, and produced the movie all on his own. I am mentoring him in the darkroom over the next couple of years to become a solid darkroom printer.  He has a lot of aptitude for it and I couldn't be any more proud.  

He also happens to be an incredibly talented artist that can draw and paint.  In fact, last year, some of his original artwork was sold to Warner Bros. and used in a featured production.  He is also an aspiring woodworker.  He and I both make a variety of rustic home decor ranging from solid oak coasters, coat/hat/key racks, phone and tablet stands, tables/desks, candle holders, and more.  We also both paint and I will be sharing some of our nature abstract acrylic paintings in the near future.  

All of this has been a conscious plan that started three years ago when we bought our land in the Ozark's, moved off grid, and built our cabins and darkroom from the ground up.  We started with absolutely nothing other than some generators to run the power tools, about 5 feet of weeds, and a pile of lumber.  That project took us over 18 months, but we are in full production now with our analog photography, woodworking, and painting.  When I say we are off the grid, I truly mean we are off the grid.  The power that I am using to write this article right now was created from the sun. 


The 1 mile hike down to the spring is a relaxing and enjoyable hike.  You will be surrounded by the forest and frequently find all types of wildflowers along the well established trail in the spring and summer ranging from Wild Blue Phlox to Bird's Foot Violet's and Wild Petunia's and even Wild Geranium.  In the video below, you will see some Wild Columbine that frequently grow right around the spring area.  Leave your mobile phone behind because it won't get a signal anyway.  Take the time to really relax and enjoy the soothing and restorative powers of nature.    

Greer Spring is a first magnitude spring located in the southeast portion of the Ozark Plateau, in Oregon County in south-central Missouri within the boundaries of the Mark Twain National Forest. The spring is the second largest spring in the Ozarks, with an average discharge of 360 cubic feet (10 m3) of water per second.  Greer Spring was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1980. 

The spring emerges at the bottom of a narrow chasm. An upper outlet flowing from a cavern is only a fraction of Greer Spring's large flow. About 100 feet (30 m) downstream (north) the main outlet boils to the surface in a mixture of deep, aqua-blue water, moss covered rocks, and frothy whitewater.

The newly formed surface stream then races down a small, steep, hardwood blanketed gorge dropping 65 feet (20 m) in elevation for 1.2 miles (1.9 km) to its confluence with the Eleven Point River. Greer Spring greatly increases the flow of the river, ensuring ample water for recreational activities, such as boating, even in the dry months.

The vast amount of spring water changes the Eleven Point River into a coldwater stream for several miles downstream. The spring's cold water also creates ideal conditions for trout. The mouth of the spring branch is roughly 0.5 miles upstream (west) of the Missouri Route 19 bridge over the Eleven Point River. Greer Spring may be the most secluded and undisturbed big spring in the Ozarks.

The spring has been owned by the U.S. National Forest Service since 1993.  Before 1993 the spring was in the caring hands of private ownership. The area surrounding the spring has been retaken by nature, but had a small fish hatchery and roads many years ago, the site has remained very scenic and unspoiled.


Sit back and relax and enjoy the video for the next couple of minutes.  I will be making some prints from this outing in the near future and they will be available in my silver gelatin fine art print gallery

I plan to return in the fall when the colors will be spectacular and bring my 4x5 and 8x10 large format cameras.  I frequently scout with my Pentax 67II or my Pentax 645N for maximum portability.  I was also thinking about returning with my Fuji 617 Panoramic camera for some unique images too.  

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