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Do You Need to Do Less To Achieve More in Your Photography?

June 05, 2018  •  2 Comments

The older that I get, the smarter my dad becomes...  

I am a very passionate about nature, and in particular, flowers, trees, and water scenes.  I have been enjoying the wonders and healing power of nature my entire life.  

Along with this passion and joy, I have discovered that I want to experience and photograph every flower, tree, river, creek, and waterfall that I see.  It turns out that it just isn't possible, and even more importantly, not optimal.  My dad advised me to focus on just a few things and master them deeply.  I unfortunately lost my dad when I was only 21 years old, so I didn't get the opportunity to learn from him as long as I wanted.  His words, even three decades later have significant meaning to me, and I now better understand what he was trying to tell me.  

I have been reflecting about my photography lately and I have come to realize that I need to produce less in order to create more.  What I mean by that is that I need to actually photograph fewer subjects and invest more time in just a very few select prints that are of the highest quality.  I find it very difficult to accept this realization because my passion runs so deep for these subjects.  

I suspect my limitation is one that potentially affects many other photographers, and even non-photographers.  I know that I need to focus on fewer things more deeply in order to achieve higher quality results.  I have evolved to a place where I would rather be a mile deep on a couple subjects as opposed to being an inch deep and a mile wide on many different subjects.

This realization has brought me new inner peace because I no longer feel that I need to photograph everything that I love.  I give myself permission to simply enjoy nature, experience and share it with people that I care about or alone, and be happy with that.  Now that Tim Jr. is part of the team, you will get to experience a greater diversity of topics and subjects because he will be sharing his passion for architecture, old barns and mills, wildlife, and more.  Only a very select few select subjects gain my attention to photograph now and I have a new sense of quality that I have never experienced before.  

How about you?  Have you had similar thoughts about your photography?  If so, share your thoughts and comments below. 

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Hi Henry, thanks for your comment. While we don't agree on this topic, I respect your thoughts and input.
Life is short. If you focus only on "best" photos you achieve nothing. In a few years they will not matter. If you will be still alive, important will be only what you photographed.
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