Tim Layton Fine Art | May 2018 Darkroom Underground Fine Art Print - Rocky Creek Shut-ins

May 2018 Darkroom Underground Fine Art Print - Rocky Creek Shut-ins

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I am now shipping the May 2018 Darkroom Underground Fine Art Print Club silver gelatin large format contact print, Rocky Creek Shut-ins.  

Rocky Creek is located in the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri in the USA.  The Ozark's are a vast landscape of mountains, streams, natural springs, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, caves, hardwood forests, wildlife, and wildflowers covering 50,000 square miles located primarily in Missouri and Arkansas. Millions of visitors every year come to explore the rugged beauty of the Ozark's to enjoy the stunning vistas, sparkling rivers and waterfalls, fish-filled lakes, hiking and biking trails, world-class trout fishing, camping, canoeing, and a seemingly endless variety of rejuvenating outdoor adventures.

I used Ilford FP4+ 5x7 black and white sheet film developed in Pyrocat HD to create the negative.  I printed on Ilford MGIV Portfolio paper and selenium toned to archival standards for maximum permanence.  

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