Tim Layton Fine Art | Experiment - Hand Staining Photo Rag Paper For Floral Still Life Backgrounds - Video 2

Experiment - Hand Staining Photo Rag Paper For Floral Still Life Backgrounds - Video 2

May 19, 2018  •  2 Comments

In this second video, I continued to experiment with various techniques and added coffee to the mix.  I share my updates over the course of a couple days with you in this new video.  

I will be posting a third video when I take the new backgrounds out in the field and then making some new prints in the darkroom to see how they look.  I will be sending updates on this to my newsletter subscribers.  


In this first video, I started by experimenting with a new way to make some backgrounds for my floral still life and wildflower photos while in the field. An old trick that us flower photographers use from time to time is to place a background behind our flowers so that we can stop down the lens and get greater definition or to eliminate undesirable elements and clutter from our compositions.  I go over this extensively in my Large Format Floral Still Life Video Workshop, in case you are interested. 

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Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Steve, that is a completely different idea than I had originally planned, but I like your idea! I may have to stain some platinum rag paper and then make a platinum or platinum/palladium print. Thanks for the idea. Stay in touch.

How about use that stained paper for a cyanotype or other alternative process?
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