Tim Layton Fine Art | Visualizing Landscapes in The Social Media Age by Large Format Photographer, Alex Burke

Visualizing Landscapes in The Social Media Age by Large Format Photographer, Alex Burke

April 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In the April 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine Alex Burke wrote a thoughtful and inspiring around about being a large format landscape photographer in the social media age that we all live in at this time. 

I think Alex is one of the best landscape photographers working today, independent of the tools and cameras that he uses.  I also think his use of large format gear is more than about the gear.  His style, workflow, and approach to creating beautiful and compelling landscape photographs is all intertwined with his choice of tools.  

In his latest article in the April 2018 Edition, Alex shares his inspiring and creative perspective on how to create new and innovative landscape photographs, even in those often visited iconic locations. 

"When it comes to creating images of natural landscapes I have recently heard from both experienced and aspiring photographers that it seems like everything has been photographed a million times before, often told in somewhat of a hopeless tone as if it were time to throw in the towel."

Alex provides clear direction on how you can cure the problem of producing the same or very similar images as everyone else.  

"We tend to just see the same shots, albeit with some slightly different lighting conditions and certainly some variances in post processing thanks to countless sliders and the patience some people have to blend dozens of images together on a computer."

Over the course of his 12-page article, Alex takes you on an emotional and inspirational journey as he shares his stunning landscape photographs and how he goes about creating them in our over saturated social media world that we all live in today.

-Tim Layton

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