Making a Wet Collodion Negative & Collodio-Chloride Print Tutorial by Quinn Jacobson

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Quinn Jacobson single handily revived wet plate collodion over the last 20+ years.  

I remember watching one of Quinn's first YouTube Videos on how to make a Wet Plate Collodion Portrait over 11 years ago!  

Quinn continues to inspire me as well as thousands of photographers across the world with his endless knowledge and talents.  If you thought Quinn's talents were only limited to analog photography, you would be wrong.  Check out his mastery of blacksmithing too!

In the April 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground, Quinn shares a 12-page tutorial on how to make a wet collodion negative and collodion-chloride print

As a long-time large format photographer and someone who has made wet plates for many years, I continue to learn from Quinn.  One of the things that makes this specific technique so appealing for me personally is the ability to make prints from the wet collodion negative versus making a solo positive plate.  This is key for photographers that need or want to sell their work.  

I hope you enjoy this tutorial by Quinn.  His body of work spanning multiple continents and his level of influence on the analog photography and visual arts community is nothing short of amazing.  Take a look at Quinn's bio and you will quickly understand how much he has accomplished and the level of influence he continues to have on the photography and arts communities. 

-Tim Layton

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