Tim Layton Fine Art | Fuji GX617 and FP4+ in Rodinal at Rocky Creek Shut-ins (Movie 3 of 3) - Making The Print

Fuji GX617 and FP4+ in Rodinal at Rocky Creek Shut-ins (Movie 3 of 3) - Making The Print

April 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In a three-part series, I take you on a journey to Rocky Creek Shut-ins at Klepzig Mill deep in the Ozark Mountains where 19th century pioneers once lived and made a living using these fresh spring waters.  

In the first video, I took you to Rocky Creek so that you can enjoy the beauty of this very special place as I photographed it with my panoramic Fuji GX617 camera. 

In the second video, I developed the FP4+ in Rodinal using a semi-stand development process. 

And in this third video, I make a silver gelatin contact print using the 6x17 panoramic black and white film negative.  

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In this second video, I share my semi-stand development process for Ilford FP4+ film that I develop in Rodinal for an incredibly beautiful negative that has full tonality from glistening highlights in the waterfalls to open shadows.   


If you want more information on learning how I make my split grade silver gelatin darkroom enlargements and contact prints, you can check out my step-by-step eBook.  

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